[AAR] Astral Assaults Fleet | 2024 Apr 18 | 19:00 EVE Time

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[AAR] Astral Assaults Fleet | 2024 Apr 18 | 19:00 EVE Time

Post by Atamani »

Announcement: https://forum.eveuniversity.org/viewtop ... 6&t=128996
Doctrine: [AAF] Armor Assault Frigates

Roam members (9)
Atamani - Imperial Navy Slicer
Bene Dee - Executioner
Blade Kanjus - Imperial Navy Slicer
Chigas Iwaira - Imperial Navy Slicer
DockSau - Imperial Navy Slicer
JcKalck - Inquisitor
Kitava Stardust - Inquisitor
Tomlin - Malediction
Wraith Laton - Retribution
Kills and Losses

(19:33:00) 3HX-DL
Ishtar +345m

(19:33:18) 3HX-DL
Capsule +18.24m

(19:37:23) FA-DMO
Ishtar +291.37m

(19:40:21) FA-DMO
Mobile Tractor Unit +36.82m

(20:19:51) Harva
Epithal +9.92m

ISK Destroyed: 701,359,081.17
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 701,359,081.17
Efficiency: 100%

Overall evaluation
  • We've got very good scout. Thank you Tomlin!
    We've got a newbro and he done incredibly well!
    We've learned filamenting mechanics and scared Fraternity crabs a lot
    Scared two mining fleets
    Learned on how to roam in null
    Leadned on how to roam in pochven
    Got some standings with trigs/edencom for members who dont have them
    Probably should fight that kiki/exec/bifrost in pochven
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