Hi everyone, I would like to show my Bio <3

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Alexis Vermillion
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Hi everyone, I would like to show my Bio <3

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Hi everyone, this is my Bio for my new name for my Character, and thought I would re-post on the forums to refresh myself <3

Alexis Yuuki Vermillion
The Great Huffer

Early Life and Introduction to EVE Online:
Alexis Yuuki Vermillion, a native of New Eden, was born on April 4, 2022. Growing up in a modest family, she developed a fascination with technology and space exploration from a young age. As she grew older, her curiosity about the vast universe led her to discover the immersive universe of New Eden. Alexis was instantly captivated by the endless possibilities and the chance to experience adventures in the cosmos.

Entry into EVE University:
Seeking to enhance her knowledge and skills in the game, Alexis joined EVE University, a renowned organization dedicated to teaching and helping new pilots in their journey through the complexities of EVE Online. Within EVE University, Alexis found a community of like-minded individuals who shared her passion for learning and exploration.

Gas Huffing and Industrial Pursuits:
While Alexis explored various aspects of New Eden, she found herself particularly drawn to the world of gas huffing. Fascinated by the extraction and refinement of volatile gases found in the vast nebulae of New Eden, she honed her skills in gas cloud harvesting and processing. Alexis developed a deep understanding of the market dynamics surrounding these valuable resources, becoming adept at evaluating market fluctuations and maximizing her profits.

Alexis Yuuki Vermillion's contributions to EVE University and her expertise in gas huffing have left an enduring impact on the EVE Online community. Her commitment to education, exploration, and the pursuit of knowledge continues to inspire both new and experienced pilots alike. As an emblem of EVE University's principles, she stands as a testament to the importance of camaraderie, sharing, and personal growth within the vast expanse of New Eden.
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Mali Brocreux
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Re: Hi everyone, I would like to show my Bio <3

Post by Mali Brocreux »

A+++ huffer. Would hotbox in a fluffy cloud with again.
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