[AAR] AAF "Pochven" Roam 9th May @18:00

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[AAR] AAF "Pochven" Roam 9th May @18:00

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Roam members (5)
Brenn Gunn
Fisk Hrin Hakuli
Moritz Gaterau
Pavel Hlawatsch
Kills and Losses

ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 0
Efficiency: NaN%

I don't know how to start this AAR properly... Overall it was one of my most fun (and educational) roams in EVE, while not getting a single kill (or loss), let me tell you why.
I initially planned to take this Roam into Pochven, as I realized that our number weren't looking that great (I blame the sunny weather in Europe that day and the overall action in PC9) I decided to lead this fleet into Null Sec. Brenn was our scout for the fleet, everyone else was in DD ships (keep that in mind).

I used a filament to get us into null sec from Stacmon, we first arrived in Catch in CNC-4V. The system was empty, and I used dotlan to find nearby systems with high numbers of NPC kills, so we went hunting for ratting ships. Most systems were empty, or people docked up/warped to a safe, as soon as we entered the system. While making our way from system to system, Brenn and I explained Sov Null a bit. Then I noticed a Vagabond on D-Scan, I informed scout of this, and he reported the Vagabond just decloaked on our outgate (the rest of the fleet was already in warp). Nearly the same time as we landed on the gate, a Vedmark and a Caracal (or Cerberus?) jump into us too. I called the Vagabond primary, as we already had tackle on it, and the Vedmark secondary. We were able to land some get hits, and even did some armor damage, but could not break the active tank of the Vagabond (in retrospective, he probably bait tanked us, so we stay on grid longer). After I almost lost all of my armor, I called to scatter the fleet, and we then formed up at a safe again.

With a Thera hole nearby, and me in desperate need of repairs (of course, we just used the original buffer fits of the AAR doctrine… without logi... 8) ) we headed for Thera. After we've arrived and docked up, we took a short break.

After all damage was repaired, I took a look at EVE Scout to find us a good exit wh. I decided that we would go to Pandemic Hord Space (The Kalevala Expanse) and then head back into empire Space trough Etherium Reach.

Horde Space was looking mostly empty, scout reported a couple of Ishtars, but either docked up or warped to a safe, but it was good practice for using d-scan. After we traveled to a lot of system and were making our way to Etherium Reach our scout reported another Ishtar and I ordered the fleet, as usual, to wait at the jump gate. Then suddenly "Warp to Brenn", our scout had the Ishtar successfully tackled in a site. We jumped and warped to our scout, hoping for our first kill after this long roam. As soon as we landed on grid, we engaged the Ishtar, blasting the shield away quickly. It started to bleed armor, but it had armor reps, and it also launched drones, I called for overheating weapons, hoping we would break the active tank, turns out, it was the wrong call. One by one we had to warp off, so our ships did not explode. It was close, but in the end we couldn't kill Ishtar. Probably the better call would have been, to destroy the drones first, and then go for the Ishtar.

Because we all were in structure, and it was getting late, I decided to head the fleet home to High Sec, so people could go to Jita or Stacmon. On the gate from null sec to low sec, I also almost lot my ships to some rats, because we had to burn through some bubble.

In the end, we all made it back safe.

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    • Fun has been had
    • Lots of mistakes, also meant a lot of learning opportunities
    (Negative stuff)
    • I should have adapted the ship fittings, after deciding, to go without logi
    • We should have kept logi in the first place
    • In both fights we encountered, my target calling was, well bad
Overall this was a fun fleet again, I enjoyed my first time FC'ing a fleet in null sec, even when it was not planned. I made a lot of mistakes, but also learned a lot this time.
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