State of the Wiki: Q1 2023 Report

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State of the Wiki: Q1 2023 Report

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State of the Wiki: Q1 2023 Report
Lots of You wrote:
I enjoy your Wiki Reports! Please write another one! :sunny:

Happy April Fools'!

I wanted the April's Prank to be thematic, current, lighthearted, in-character, half-believable, easy to implement and easy to revert. Glad you liked it! :)

What I didn't expect was that:
  • you'd like the Gallente-Green over Orange-Yellow coloured links the Wiki uses for the rest of the year
  • EVE University would open up Direct Faction Warfare Enlistment to Gallente a few days after the 1st of April :P

My fellow Communication Officers and Wiki Curators also had suggestions for what the Wiki Prank should be about:
  • cryptocurrencies
  • when you press the link it should make a fart sound
  • care bares

... I'll table them for next year. ;)

Third-party tools

Salartarium has updated loads of helpful third-party tools. These make you a better Industrialist, Explorer, Roamer, CEO, Scout, even all of the above. :)

If you use or authored a third-party tool and it ain't listed, add it to the Wiki. The Wiki is happy to show off your website/tool/program/application, just make sure that its description is informative.

Equally, if a third-party tool is more woefully out-of-date, feel free to remove it or replace it with a more current tool.

Incursion Implants and Constellations

Where can a Sansha Incursion spawn? Not in tiny Pochven, but yes anywhere from 5BTK-M to L1S-G1. Thank you Zhele Jamohrr and Matt Mustang for keeping the list of constellations updated.

The Incursion Implant Guide was rewritten by Muhib. Here is the before and after. Now you can see both the Standard, Alternative and Bling Implant variants. Looks awesome! :)
This is a great example of how Community Coordinators can use the Wiki to improve the Community they Coordinate. :) If you have an idea about how to do it and need help, feel free to poke me. :)

Mutated Drones

Drone lovers rejoice as Salartarium and Chihuahuaraffe added the Mutated (Abyssal) Drones to the Wiki.

These are traded only via Contracts since each Mutated Drone is different. Mutations can be performed by anyone, but only Omega State Clones can enjoy using such Drones. :)

Gas cloud harvesting

There are Mykoserocin and Cytoserocin nebula without count and the same is true of Kadesh Priestess' and Mikura Azure edits.

They are tirelessly updating nebula Pages and its list with new information about where they can be found, how many clouds are they made of and how much gas is condensed within.
Since Industry and Manufacturing was made more complicated, this information is more valuable then ever before.

Ship Type Quick Reference and Its Icons

Traditionally the Wiki doesn't use Icons because there's lots of words and phrases that don't have an Icon.

Would you like the Wiki to use Icons more often? There's lots of them already uploaded and formatted on the Wiki. True, they are more demanding on the server resources. That is why the Template:Icon is deprecated.

However, there's nothing wrong with using them sparingly if they improve the reader's experience and are used uniformly.

See the before and after of what Felix Isimazu and Hokaba Hanaya did. They didn't use the icons sparingly, but they did add them to a single Page only. Tell me what you think about the new look. :)

Demystifying Template:ShipArticle

As more and more of the Wiki is templated and formatted using complex code, the fewer editors are able to contribute to the Wiki due to an ever increasing learning curve. Therefor, it is of vital importance to make Wiki code as accessible as possible while simultaneously eliminating toil through clever automation and Template design.

Evon R'al completed the rewrite of the Template:ShipArticle and its adjacent Templates which host the entire Ship Database with exactly this goal in mind.

The new Template has:
  • the top ten best documentation Pages, with description of how and when to use over 50 parameters, all written according to the standardized Documentation Template
  • lean code without superfluous or baffling comments
  • no ECM Priority Box and no Roles section; I've received no complaint about either which means I should have removed them a long time ago :P

Thank you Evon! :) Not only did you add the new Ship Pages (with AkagiAerospace, Randy Rachel Gallavant, Auvet Vemane fleshing them out), but you made it easier and more convenient for anyone to add the next Ship to the Database.

Speaking of adding Ships to the Database, Vult Skerris has added notes and improved over thirty different Ships. These are very much appreciated and will continue to inform capsuleers about what Ship they should train into next. :)

Improved Navigation

A well written Page that can't be found is no Wiki Page at all.

Thanks to Coepi Sterrick Wormhole Sites now have their own Navigational Template and are much easier to find and browse. This completes the 4th UniWiki:Project. To fully appreciate how complex this Template design really is, try to write down a description of its format. And yet when Coepi took up the project, they understood intuitively how I imagined the Navigational Template should look like. :)

The renewed interest in Faction Warfare motivated me to construct its Navigational Template. In time the Template will be refined: more links will be added, existing links will be reordered and subcategories will form naturally as more capsuleers start to enjoy Faction Warfare through Direct Enlistment.

End of Unfinished Imports

This Category contained Pages imported from EVE-Survival that have not been yet brought to Wiki standards. Thanks to your efforts it is now empty.

If in the future a new Mission appears, simply create a Page and format it according it to Mission formatting guidelines.

Skill Semaphore

From Skills:Armor to Skills:Trade Hokaba Hanaya added a white-yellow-red semaphore to indicate the maximum Skill level for an Alpha State Clones.

Evon R'al also made a Template:SkillAlphaBar that connects with Template:GetSkillAlpha to automatically detect the Alpha Skill Level.

Thank you both for adding more color to the Wiki. :)

Restarted Wiki Curator Program

I formalized the Wiki Curator Program taking into account, to the best of my abilities, the reasoning and wishes of my predecessor Wiki Manager Rayanth.

  • The Wiki Department does not recruit
  • You become a Wiki Curator when the Wiki Manager gives you the Wiki Curator award - read more about how to earn it on the Wiki Curator Program Page
  • Wiki Curators carry the title of Wiki Curator, are refereed to as Wiki Curators, may ask for Administrator Wiki Rights equal to a EVE University Manager and are of Officer rank within EVE University
  • When a Curator retires, it is customary to ask them for their final wish and their name is retained on the Wiki Department Page

The COSMOS is Full of Itself

Few capuleers have contributed to the media transcription donated by Kelon Darklight of COSMOS Missions as Evon R'al.

Each capsuleer can attempt each COSMOS Mission only once and they must complete it within seven days. Their rewards range from Faction Standing to exceptionally valuable 1B ISK implants.

Slowly but surely the pile of media has been reduced down to 186 images and if Evon is joined by capsuleers such as Ariel Rin in improving the COSMOS Mission Pages the Wiki will be host to the greatest repository of COSMOS sooner then you think. :)

Stealth Bombers Rewrite

Elan Vital has been constructing User:Elan Vital/Stealth Bombers and reminded me that done is always better than perfect COUGH COUGH! :P

I'm looking forward to reading the new and improved Stealth Bomber Page. :)

Each word in the Report was written by a human, for a human. At no point was a Large Language Model (LLM) used. The Report may contain unusual phrases and even errors.
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Re: State of the Wiki: Q1 2023 Report

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Congratulations everyone. Great news. Keep up the good job.
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Re: State of the Wiki: Q1 2023 Report

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Good job man!
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Re: State of the Wiki: Q1 2023 Report

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Re: State of the Wiki: Q1 2023 Report

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Thanks for the read!
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