[AAR] Golden Horde Punisher Lowsec Roam - 30 Sept 2022

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Elan Vital
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[AAR] Golden Horde Punisher Lowsec Roam - 30 Sept 2022

Post by Elan Vital »

Golden Horde Punisher Lowsec Roam - 30 Sept 2022 @ 20:00 EVE Time


Roam members (16)
Aimbot Exe - Punisher
Alphabeta Gamau - Punisher
Becvar - Inquisitor
Bonecaya - Punisher
Clarityz - Inquisitor
Elan Vital - FC - Punisher
Gideon Mastracci jr - 2IC - Punisher
John B Mason - Scout - Executioner, Punisher
Kaluth Plaude - Inquisitor
Lowe EyeQueue - Punisher
Oishomi - Punisher
Olly Wakwako - Scout - Executioner
Panda Kondur - Punisher
Somoto Eto - Inquisitor
Zolpidemz - Inquisitor
iProphet2k - Punisher
With the sun glinting resplendently off our glorious, glittery Golden Horde, we descended into lowsec, immediately detecting a waft of scum and villainy with hints of currency and tree fruit. <mixing up my notes from a wine tasting...or not?>.

Kills and Losses

Chapter 1: And for that we are happy. "The Heron in the Plex" leads to a surreal moment where reality meets fiction (actually, I might have been thinking about the song, "The Farmer in the Dell", and attributing meaning to something meaningless, negating this as the personal 'wow' moment I thought it was). Either way, the Heron in the plex is past tense.
(22:25:00) Agoze
Heron +0.62m

Chapter 2: In which we engage a neut Tristan. Granted a UFC neut Tristan in Fight Club is considerable. Here, we're going to go with "Punisher Lunch".
(22:39:53) Vlillirier
Tristan +8.04m

Chapter 3: In which our valiant scout secures content, but not without their own demise. Wergild is had.
(22:52:37) Heydieles
Executioner -7.31m
Caldari Navy Hookbill +25.53m

Chapter 4: In which our introspective fleet reflects upon the meaning of life and death in an apparently meaningless universe and subsequently takes out their angst in the following trade: an Executioner, two Punishers, and two capsules for a CNI, a Caracal, an Arbitrator, and a Moa. Trade accepted.
(23:01:33) Old Man Star
Executioner -7.31m
Capsule -0.01m
Punisher -8.18m
Caracal Navy Issue +73.62m
Punisher -8.2m
Arbitrator +34.83m
Caracal +30.29m
Moa +31.22m

Chapter 5: In which our valiant scout gives up their ship trying to secure content. Their sacrifice will be remembered.
(23:31:45) Heydieles
Executioner -7.13m

Chapter 6: In which our intrepid band returns home and has some incidental content along the way. 50% chance that they open an obnoxiously-themed bar afterward, trying to truck on one good day of fighting with merchandise and overpriced drinks. Oh, Folly!
(23:39:28) Indregulle, Heydieles
Tristan +0.97m
Kestrel +5.75m

ISK Destroyed: 210,858,099.59
ISK Lost: 38,147,883.98
ISK Delta: 172,710,215.61
Efficiency: 84.68%

Overall evaluation
(Positive stuff)
* Fantastic form-up.
* Heroic logi heroes. Of the fleets I've been on, this logi wing tore it up. So good.
* Good scouting with a good tackle and kill ratio.
* Quick formup, great fleet discipline, great reshipping
(Negative stuff)
* Not many. I felt really good about this fleet. Great content, fun fleet.
* Maybe a different tackle ship? Love the Punisher and Inquisitor together, to be clear.
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Re: [AAR] Golden Horde Punisher Lowsec Roam - 30 Sept 2022

Post by Zolpidemz »

Great fleet! Lots of fun! Thanks for putting this together Elan!
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Binra Fera
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Re: [AAR] Golden Horde Punisher Lowsec Roam - 30 Sept 2022

Post by Binra Fera »

Oishomi did the most combined damage of all kills together! Probably. Her math isn't great though
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Alphabeta Gamau
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Re: [AAR] Golden Horde Punisher Lowsec Roam - 30 Sept 2022

Post by Alphabeta Gamau »

I had a blast! Great fun and a great fleet...I cleaned my hull afterwards so "Shenanigans" is nice and shiny for the next one. Great job and thanks for pulling it all together. You earned several kill marks to boot you stone cold killer. :)
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