[AAR][Stacmon] 2022.06.22 Weekly Merlin Low Sec Roam

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[AAR][Stacmon] 2022.06.22 Weekly Merlin Low Sec Roam

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GIF of the Day

Roam members (12)
Clarityz - Burst
Elric Druss - Burst
Kraiklyn Vuld - Griffin
Kronos Falx - Merlin
Lee King - Burst
Lycoris Wahdiata - Merlin, Atron
Olly Wakwako - Merlin
Professor Academiac - Merlin
Stefan Moped Tze-Tze - Merlin
T'Major - Cheetah
Veridical Skylark - Merlin
Colare Agala - Merlin
This fleet was brought to you by my RL university! My modem at home is still acting up and hey, I was not about to cancel a class or fleet again.

Kills and Losses

Fewer numbers than usual, but still a good turnout overall. Familiar names and new names, I love it. Form-up was quick. Major wanted to try being a cloaky scout after attending my DScan class, he'll also have combat probes, he understood wouldn't be on any kills but he wanted to practice! Sure that can't hurt. Lycoris was our secondary scout! Yes! Finally, someone flew my second favorite ship in the game, the almighty Atron. Colare stepped up to 2IC for the first time, so kudos man!

We started moving towards The Colosseum (aka Tama). We miss a few targets here and there and finally we see a Stabber on a gate. Tanky bait I thought to myself. But I remembered the golden rule: "always take the bait!". However, I did the exact thing I said I won't do in my last AAR, hero tackle. Anyways, we tried but we couldn't kill it. Colare, first time 2IC, made the right calls there when I went down.

(23:08:06) Ouelletta
Griffin -1.06m
Merlin -7.03m
Merlin -6.73m
Burst -6.23m
Merlin -7.32m

Reshipped and regrouped. Then uneventful, until we got to the arena. I don't remember what happened but we ended up spiking Tama local hunting something. Might as well sit in a plex and see what we can hunt, or what will hunt us. Found a Succubus in a Novice. Aligned everyone, sent poor Lycoris as brave tackle, and then I warped the rest of the fleet a few seconds after he warped. Turns out I warped everyone to a gate instead of the plex :salute: You're welcome Lycoris!

(23:51:17) Tama
Atron -1.87m

A little bit of dancing around Tama, then we snagged a Corax.

(23:58:12) Tama
Corax +5.67m

Again, the usual dancing around hunting things and avoiding the kiteys. We tried to go for this Kiki a couple of times but it had so much alpha and we had to extract a few times. Eventually, someone else killed it, making our fleet ISK positive because we're on it. It's not cheating, alright! We did our best dammit :lol: But hey, let me distract you with that odd Punsiher fit. Seriously........ What's?.... What even?....

(00:07:52) Tama
Atron +7.16m
Kikimora +90.07m
Punisher +3.19m

There were rumours of Spectre Fleet forming, and I thought we'd be done by the time they undocked. But alas, just as I was saying let's head home, they showed up. We went to a novice and they followed. T1 brawly fleet! OOOOOOoooo YEAH!!! I knew their FC and he knew me it seems, and we both didn't headshot. And for the first time in years, I FC'd a fight that lasted for more than a few minutes, one where I had had to call for secondary, tertiary, fourthshiary...? you get the idea!

(00:26:11) Tama
Griffin -1.06m
Merlin +15.61m
Merlin -7.35m
Burst -6.1m
Rifter +2.2m
Burst -6.33m
Merlin +10.48m
Merlin -7.26m
Kestrel +4.68m
Merlin -7.26m
Kestrel +2.38m
Burst -6.56m
Incursus +2.77m
Merlin -7.26m
Merlin -7.28m

It was a very fun fight, got my heart pumping and my mind racing! This is why I EVE. I committed at the beginning to fight to the last ship and not call scatter. That's exactly what this Merlin fleet is designed for after all.

Now the test was to stay calm, make decisions, give clear commands, broadcast, repeat commands as needed, listen to logi, manage range to targets, watch grid, and ignore any noise (and maybe other things too I should have been doing?). I know I did well on some of these and did awful on others. But I won't give it away and I'll let you all give me feedback.

I had a quick chat with their FC afterward and we exchanged praise/pleasantries. I was a little annoyed the FC brought a Garmur, but I didn't tell them that! Plus, as Clarityz pointed out, we could have caught it on the beacon when it slid in if we noticed it but we didn't, and that's on us. Regardless, it was a very good, or at least a very fun, fight.

ISK Destroyed: 144,203,142.03
ISK Lost: 86,698,870.74
ISK Delta: 57,504,271.29
Efficiency: 62.452%

Overall evaluation
(Positive stuff)
  • Form up was relatively quick and a bit more systematic I think
  • New players taking new roles is always awesome, scouts and 2IC did great
  • I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! THANK YOU PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT!!!! We can't do any of this without you! The Tama reships I requested were absolutely amazing and gave us the confidence to have more fun without worry!
  • Fleet fights are what many of us live for and crave. I think I was surprisingly calm, confident, and assertive during the Spectre Fight
  • Logi did an amazing job although they got blapped early
(Negative stuff)
  • I get a bit confused without proper 3rd party tools. But I also sometimes get hyperfocused and distracted when they fail to perform as expected. SMT and Dotlan both weren't cooperative and that threw me off a little, especially at the beginning
  • Delegate! I should learn to delegate. I end up doing the exact same things I say I shouldn't have done myself in the last AAR
  • Silly mistakes because I can't find out which exact line I should interact with on my overview based on comms description
  • Now here's the big one, my choice of targets. I mentioned a few things that I needed to do as FC, and I said I did a few well and did terrible at others. I know for the most part but I'll leave that to your feedback if you want. But for my choice of target sequence, I'm always unsure. I went Merlins > Rifter > Kestrels > Incursi but I'm wondering if I should have gone with a different sequence, like Kestrels first. Hindsight is always 20/20 but I would particularly appreciate your feedback on best practices with target selection
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