Planetary Industry: previously Production and Interaction

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Planetary Industry: previously Production and Interaction

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Planetary Industry: previously Production and Interaction

I've renamed Planetary Interaction and Planetary Production to Planetary Industry on all unprotected Wiki Pages so novice capsuleers don't have to juggle historic intricacies while also learning how to extract metals from the molten crust of volcanic Planets.

Protected Wiki Pages

I kindly ask the Managers and Directors responsible for the following Wiki Pages to replace the phrase Planetary Interaction with Planetary Industry in both links and sentences:
There is no hurry. I've made sure that no link or Page breaks after I moved, renamed and edited the Pages. However, it would be aesthetically pleasing if all Campus Pages and Templates also talked about Industry rather then Interaction. :)
If you need assistance, you know where to find me. :)

Planetary Production

Despite Planetary Interaction being called Planetary Production for many months before being renamed (again) to Planetary Industry, I have found no Page that uses the phrase Planetary Production.
I'd like to thank all of those who didn't change the phrase thus halving the amount of edits and link browsing required to implement the changes. :D

Historic Wiki Pages

I've purposefully left the phrases Planetary Interaction and Planetary Production on two pages for historic reasons:
Fingers crossed that Planetary Industry doesn't get renamed yet again! :P


Did you know that the last 2 out of a total of six ever recorded Wiki edits made by CCP Aurora changed Planetary Interaction to Planetary Industry?
This is when I knew that it was high time to rename PI to PI, hahahahhahahah :D

Did you know I renamed all the occurrences of Planetary Interaction by hand, without the use of a bot? Neither Rayanth or Bates are at fault! Goodness knows that Rayanth tried to set up a Wiki bot for me for weeks... and to no avail!
Now my hand hurts :P
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