[EVENT] HSC Moon Mining Shared Can!!!

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[EVENT] HSC Moon Mining Shared Can!!!

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Date: Saturday May 8th, 22:00 EVE time (Saturday May 8th 3:00 pm MST / 5:00 PM EST)
Location: Amygnon Meet at Hotel Sierra Charlie
Format: Open
Duration: 2 hours, possibly longer
Comms: HSC Mining in mumble.
Ships: Any mining ship. If you don't have a mining ship, there are a couple in the hanger we can get to you, we also need a hauler, and two to three more boosters besides myself.
Fleet: Look for 'HSC Moon Mining SC'
FC: Psanaurius Baenre
Boosts: Psanaurius Baenre,boosts at 47km,
Haulers: Demona Golgari (my alt)
Note: If you show up late during the event, send me a pm after you join fleet and post "Lasers on 00:00" (with current time) when you get to the belt please. If I don't know that you joined the fleet or the time you started mining I can't pay you! Thank you.

Have you ever mined Moon Ore, a.k.a. Moon Goo? Ever see a moon pop? Well you're in luck! We've brought Moon Mining back to HSC!!! :D We have four weeks to prepare, so anyone who wants to join and bring their favorite mining ship over to Amygnon Hotel Sierra Charlie prior to the fleet, Form up will be at 21:40, undock at 22:00 EVE time. If you don't have a ship, we have some in the hangers we can hand out. We could use someone to haul, and between my Orca, we can use two or three more to ensure full coverage of boosts while mining. Why a four week pull you ask? So other miners/industrialists that didn't get a chance to join the SC have a chance to still get some and also for everyone to have the chance to get a little moon goo for themselves on their own time!(while supplies last!) :P
See you there!! 8)
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Re: [EVENT] HSC Moon Mining Shared Can!!!

Post by Galixa »

Will attend with Pioneer & Mining Foreman Burst II (20.25 km). Look forward to meeting the local mining crowd.
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