[preliminary][AAR] Nullbear Hunt @ 01-04-21

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Marek Holmberg
Teaching Manager
Teaching Manager
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[preliminary][AAR] Nullbear Hunt @ 01-04-21

Post by Marek Holmberg »

Roam members (10)
Arin Mara - Imperial Navy Slicer
Clemence DeGrace - Imperial Navy Slicer
Jake Sandersen - Imperial Navy Slicer
Johan IV Hilanen - Wolf
Marek Holmberg - Wolf
Mark Ongard - Executioner
Mike Kingswell - Jackdaw
Roscoe Ormand - Imperial Navy Slicer
Violet Zavaleta - Wolf
Yto Itinen - Stiletto
Kills and Losses

(20:24:23) FR-B1H
Stiletto -61.23m
Gila +257.66m
Imperial Navy Slicer -22.71m
Gila +257.58m

(21:39:57) HPV-RJ, C3J0-O
Vexor +36.24m
Stiletto -53.93m

ISK Destroyed: 551,485,122.21
ISK Lost: 137,870,285.28
ISK Delta: 413,614,836.93
Efficiency: 80%

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    (Negative stuff)
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Arin Mara
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Re: [preliminary][AAR] Nullbear Hunt @ 01-04-21

Post by Arin Mara »

I enjoy Nullbears by default, but yesterday was especially fun! :)

It had everything:
  • Did I get to scan down 8 Cosmic Signatures in 6 minutes? Check!
  • Did a Drifter Jamyl Yto (also known as discharge the Superweapon)? Check!
  • Did Mike *chink* their glass against a wine bottle? Check!
  • Did Yto simultaneously hold down two Gilas, bump into a Rorqul and pulverize a trash-talking potty-mouthed pilot? Check!
  • Did I laugh so hard at the joker pilots that the corners of my mouth hurt? Check! :P
  • Did Marek strap me into a Slicer rather then let me continue using the Executioner? Check!
Additionally, Yto gave me the Slicer for free. Yto sensed my disbelief and explain, through a poignant analogy, that they like me. Their words reminded me of a paragraph I wrote comparing FUN INc's keacte to Yto. The Comms Team and I deemed the description too sycophantic. However, it still rings true:
Having previously flown with Yto Itinen, I can attest that Yto can go from writing a four thousand word Guide on conquering the Abyssal Deadspace with Frigates to cracking one joke after the other on Mumble, from being the Incursion Fleet Commander maneuvering 15B ISK worth of ships to being my personal escort as I take pictures of Rogue Drone Carriers deep in Null Security Regions. An excellent FC that set the bar very high for any FC coming after him.
Only using two interval descriptors could I encapsulate Yto's organizational, leadership, social and personal excellence.

Thank you Yto Itinen and Marek Holmberg for yet another great Fleet. :)
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Yto Itinen
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Re: [preliminary][AAR] Nullbear Hunt @ 01-04-21

Post by Yto Itinen »

Thank you Arin for the sweetest words (not written on a cake) I have received so far :D

Also, Marek paid for your Slicer, as a Holmberg always pays up his debts!

Hope to fly with you again soon!

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