Post 2020.05.24 02:13

Be ready when undocking


So I logged in the game to start my usual mining shindig and undocked, then i got distracted by mail i had received so I checked it and it was a rejection letter about my sophomore status. It said I didn't provide enough evidence of interaction with the UNI. So I went to the UNI wiki page and started looking over the titles requirements again, then I emailed the titles officer back basically asking what kinds of things could I do (since I'm primarily at the AMC), I also asked my AMC mates about what I could do. The AMC channel was filled with suggestions on what to do and how to go about it, I was stoked. I also got an email back from the titles officer kinda wrapping it up all nice and neat. So I started working on my spreadsheet to log all the interactions I've had with the UNI, I got all the low hanging fruit first contracts and emails about doing different things. Then I realized I hadn't checked on my miner in a minute. My pod was floating just outside The Ore Question, courtesy of a Trig.

So moral of the story, don't undock unless you're ready to die. I was not ready and had to pay 30M isk for a new T2 Ore Procurer via the Half Price Barge program at AMC.

Fly safe,