[AAR] Battle Bananas 2020-05-20

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Marek Holmberg



Post 2020.05.21 01:55

[AAR] Battle Bananas 2020-05-20

Roam members (21)
Ace Aakiwa - Venture
Analee Tsasa - Venture
Ares Dodekatheon - Venture
Arto Hagnar - Venture
Asuka Rossi - Venture
Bluehen Chicken - Venture
Duke Kilrady - Venture
Elm Paisley - Venture
Harry Heinee - Venture
Hiram Lio - Venture
Kraiklyn Vuld - Venture
Marek Holmberg - Venture
Nienke Solette - Venture
Oren Pical - Venture
Phaedron Loxwood - Venture
Tolerin Escipion - Venture
Torren Schneider - Venture
Tsero Evingod - Venture
Varris Thellere - Venture
Xil Non
Yto Itinen - Venture

A few days ago i was telling Nienke Solette & Tolerin Escipion that i joined FFC and couldn't get myself to actually start my own fleet and Nienke said "You know what? You can FC this Battle Bananas meme-Fleet i have coming up, it's all prepared, you just have to say yes and do it." So i'm running out of excuses at that point and here we are.

Tactical Prep
Let's face it, the fleet concept is silly and noway near good from a tactical perspective. Ventures are slow, squishy, undercapped & undergunned for their size and have a terrible locking range. It was clear from the beginning that we would have a hard time finding content on our own terms. The tightness in the midslots meant, a single scout wouldn't be able to actually hold down a target on their own, so we had to use tacklers in pairs (or even tripplets in the beginning), which is actually something i liked, because it requires more teamwork. At the same time it was clear that we could get kited pretty easy due to low target locking range and an abyssmal optimal gun range paired with the slow speed.

Kills and Losses

(19:47:28) Ouelletta
Dramiel +62.22m
Mobile Micro Jump Unit +2.28m

We barely undocked when scouts had already found a Dramiel in a Plex two jumps from Amygnon. They tackled it down, Fleet warped in after them and got the kill. In the meantime, FC was too busy panicking to even get in on the kill himself. Anyway: It was a clean kill, we looted the field and went back to Amy to replace lost Drones.

(20:48:26) Akidagi
Punisher +7.59m
Venture -3.41m
Venture -3.61m
Incursus +33.29m
Venture -3.89m
Thrasher +15.93m
Venture -2.82m
Tristan +6.31m
Atron +1.1m
Venture -4.87m
Venture -3.75m
Capsule -0.01m

So after we resupplied at Amy, we did a lot of aligning, warping, jumping and listening to scouts trying to find content for us (not an easy task by any means under the circumstances). An hour after our first kill, scouts found a fight with willing opponents for us. Enemy FC asked my 2nd FC Nienke for an arranged fight at the same time scouts were engaging them anyway. Fleet warped in after the scouts and from my perspective all hell broke loose. I didn't know how to manage the fight, so scoutFC Yto and 2nd FC Nienke both took over calling the fight (if i remember correctly). We achieved some kills and lost some Ventures. At a certain point it was clear that the remaining enemies could kite us from here back to Amy if they wanted to, so i did the only FC-ish thing i did the whole fight: called to scatter and regroup. We went ISK positive, but lots of room for improvement from my side for sure.

(21:23:51) Akidagi
Republic Fleet Firetail +21.25m

More or less a random Third Party kill. Good job Analee Tsasa!

(21:36:16) Eha
Algos +3.44m

After a biobreak at our reshipping station in Ichoriyawe continued with reduced numbers onward to YEEHAA! Scout found an afk(?) Algos in a plex, held him for the rest of the fleet and we made sure everyone got in on the kill before we popped the poor guy. I had the fleet wait inside that plex while scouts were looking for additional content in system (a mistake on my part).

Venture -4.95m
Venture -5.52m

Scouts found a hurricane that tried to kite them, i told scouts to pursue it if they thought it sensible to do so. Eventually they managed to tackle it, i ordered fleet to warp in and we got "natural phenomena prevent warp" error. Long story short, two scouts died before we could bounce and that was the end of it.

After a little bit of back and forth, we turned into a travelfleet to Amygnon. Elm Paisley got randomly attacked by a non-flashy neutral while we were sitting at a gate because he had a suspect timer which i didn't account for. One last learning experience for me i guess.

ISK Destroyed: 153,428,749.34
ISK Lost: 32,843,726.41
ISK Delta: 120,585,022.93
Efficiency: 82.368%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
  • We had a decent fight.
  • Morale of most of the fleet members was good.
  • ISK positive in a terrible fun doctrine, that part went reasonably well.
    (Negative stuff)
  • I thought i had prepped well enough for my first fleet. Running it i realized that that was not the case.
  • Departure prep + Newbro speech took way longer than they could have. A matter of preparation.
  • The route i had planned did not provide the amount of content i had anticipated and i was unable to change it on the fly. I have to familiarize myself with dotlan way more than i did.
  • Froze up as soon as a real fight broke loose. That's actually a big one. More experience and prep should hopefully fix that.
  • I should have been more deceicive. Indeceiciveness wastes time and damages the morale of the fleet.
  • I should move the fleet at a faster pace and stay closer to my scouts.
  • Could have called the fleet earlier, we were over three hours and morale had started to dip down. Again a factor of deceiciveness i guess.
  • Not everyone seemed to be on-board with the suboptimal nature of our doctrine, not sure how serious to take that tbh.

Arto Hagnar



Post 2020.05.21 02:51

Re: [AAR] Battle Bananas 2020-05-20

I had a blast and I appreciated the thoroughness of the newbro speech since this was only my second PvP fleet.

I feel like there may have been an individual that wasn't on board with the doctrine, but overall I feel like most people know what we were in for, are interested in trying to improve the fits, and going again.

I know personally, I just need to learn how to ship fight. I've spent so much time just shooting rocks that I need to learn more shortcuts, when/how to engage, etc. But overall, good time. Thanks!
Arto Hagnar, Freshman


Duke Kilrady



Post 2020.05.21 06:44

Re: [AAR] Battle Bananas 2020-05-20

I'd like to say big thanks to everyone who organised it and most certainly great job done by our young FC. I think we got the most out of the meme doctrine - and lot's of positive shouts in local, even from some pilots we managed to kill. I enjoyed it a lot, and my main learning was - this is how much fun you can actually have for under 5 million isk. I think it was one of the best isk/fun ratios I've had in the game in the last few months!

Leia Minmatar



Post 2020.05.21 09:57

Re: [AAR] Battle Bananas 2020-05-20


Nienke... We need to have a chat about your drone skills :lol:
Who is Grygr?

Nienke Solette


Events Manager
Events Manager

Post 2020.05.21 11:16

Re: [AAR] Battle Bananas 2020-05-20

@Leia: Lol I can fly T2 lights but apparently preferred the MEME of bringing T1s (me being lazy? NEVER!)

Kudos to Marek, well done on your first fleet! For the fight in Akidagi one last tip I forgot to mention yesterday: keep talking and keep calling primary, secondary + what you are doing yourself (drones out, overheating, spread points/scram/webs).

That Dramiel was a nice surprise for the fleet and compliments on our scouts for getting the fleet that content. Also a clean warpin and a clean warpout, I expected at the start to lose at least 1 or 2 ships.

Nuance on the fight in Akidagi: buntspecht convo-ed me for a fight in the plex and mentioned they were with 3. Once inside we got a third party joining in the fun which increased the chaos a bit. At one point we were spread out a lot and I think the guys from Buntspecht were the only ones still hanging around, circling around approx. 40-100km distance. We stayed on grid a bit too long imo but it was good fun and great practice!

A bit later we could have 3rd party on a Phantasm kill, but that was in hindsight and outside the same plex after another warp-in. We were simply too far off to make a significant difference on our own and didn't know whether Buntspecht would engage us. The decision to slide was, therefore, in my opinion, a good one. (despite the Phantasm being a really having a nice price tag which would have really looked good on this AAR).

Last engagement on the gate where Elm got shot was the same Hurricane iirc. We were flashy so the Hurricane could shoot us at will without getting gate guns / suspect. Good job on Elm who managed to warp off in time.
Senior Personnel Officer | FCC Progress | Events Manager | CCI | LSC PvP Officer

Tolerin Escipion



Post 2020.05.21 16:45

Re: [AAR] Battle Bananas 2020-05-20

Overall, a great fleet! I at least enjoyed myself. Battle ventures are all about de lols, I can imagine a conversation something like:
-Hey dudes, I just lost my dramiel!
-What happened? To what?
-A bunch of ventures.

Scouts did a great job finding content in what was pretty much empty space, or fight we just couldn't take. I'm starting to hate TiDi xD

In the end, if you had fun FC'ing, and people had fun and laughs while flying, all is good. Take note of the things you did right, keep them, take note of the other and improve them. I at least am looking forward to you next fleet.

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