[AAR] Neut Tristans Fleet 3/26/20 @ 19:00

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John Juulianos



Post 2020.03.26 22:06

[AAR] Neut Tristans Fleet 3/26/20 @ 19:00

I'll preface this AAR by saying that this was both my first time writing an AAR, and acting as FC for a fleet, so apologies for any issues or confusion!

This whole saga began at the LSC Fight Club on the 22nd (That event's AAR) I had tested a Neut fitted Tristan I had found and wanted to try out, and it ended up being a relative success at the fight club, after tuning up the fit some and doing some discussion, I decided to jump off the deep end, and take a shot at FCing for a fleet running the fit and seeing how well it performed in a EVE-RL scenario.

I set the date for the 26th, which was the first time I was available after work to lead the fleet, and the time needed by the Production Department to put together some ships for my operation (Thank you Ariea!) and spent the time leading up to it trying to do some research into good FC practice and getting myself ready for the actual fleet.

Here's the fit we were flying with as reference:
[Tristan, LSC FC Neut Kite MWD]

Damage Control I
AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier
AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier

5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
Small F-RX Compact Capacitor Booster

Small Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer
Small Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer
Small Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer

Small Ancillary Current Router I
Small Transverse Bulkhead I
Small Transverse Bulkhead I

Hobgoblin I x4
Warrior I x4

Navy Cap Booster 400 x9

On the day of the roam, I got a fleet up, and after waiting ~20 minutes for everyone to get into system and ready to go, we had 12 people (Including me)

Roam members (12)
Fonggar Akiga
Gaelys Aarmenvar - Tristan
Hippla Tsero - Condor, Tristan
John Juulianos - Tristan
Lariox TheGreat - Tristan
Marcel Eriker - Tristan
Rens Jan Linden - Tristan
Rikali Laru - Tristan
Ruben Ament - Tristan
Tim NineOwls
Tolerin Escipion - Tristan
Z0X Ambrye - Executioner, Federation Navy Comet

Kills and Losses
First Fleet was heading towards Kedama from Eugales, First kill was Hippla, our Scout, who we weren't able to get to before he went down. We had our 2nd scout +1 while Hippla went back to reship and rejoin us. We moved onto Vlillirier (what a name) and found an Atron sitting inside a Novice outpost, but and didn't respond at all to our attacks, we took him down, but couldn't attack his pod (Pod was sitting there, but no one could attack with the drones, not sure if it was a server or safety setting issue), so we moved on two systems down into Nennamaila. We warped from the Aldranette gate to the Hikkoken gate, and warped 10km from the gate (I think I either misclicked or had my default Fleet warp set to 10km for some reason) to a group of Assault frigates fighting each other, and couldn't escape from the fight as a result of the distance from the gate.

(19:30:21) Renarelle, Vlillirier, Nennamaila
Condor -4.67m
Atron +0.41m
Tristan -6.1m
Tristan -5.19m
Tristan -4.36m
Tristan -4.35m
Capsule -0.86m
Tristan -4.25m
Tristan -5.54m
Tristan -7.06m
Capsule -0.01m

Second Fleet was a bit later and the group dropped from 12 to 7 people (some people left for the Intro to Logistics class that was being held at 20:00). We took a ~30 minute break for bio and reshipping. Due to more people coming than I expected, the fleet turned into a bit of a kitchen sink situation with different tristan fits being used by everyone. After the first fight, we were debating about where we should go next (I didn't have a preference). Ultimately we decided to head back towards Kedama to see if we could be more cautious, and get an engagement we had a better chance at winning in. We bounced around the FW Plexes in Vlillirier again trying to catch some ships that we never caught, and moved on without issue until we got to Pynekastoh, where we found a Caldari Navy Hookbill in a Novice outpost, about 80km initally away from the warp in beacon. We took out the FNC without any losses, and later found some Imperial Navy Slicers engaging an Exequror in a Medium Plex, about 180km away from the beacon. Not everyone was able to get to the Slicers to engage due to some having ABs instead of MWDs, and the Slicers were much faster than us, avoiding getting scrammed and pinned down for combat. We were able to deal some damage with our drones (and I believe almost took down one of them) but ended up having to scatter away...

(21:05:25) Pynekastoh
Caldari Navy Hookbill +25.93m
Tristan -10.1m
Tristan -5.53m
Tristan -4.35m
Federation Navy Comet -26.2m

ISK Destroyed: 26,334,071.7
ISK Lost: 88,572,201.47
ISK Delta: -62,238,129.77
Efficiency: 22.918%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)

  • Everyone seemed to enjoy the fleet, especially the first one despite the massacre we walked into.
  • Meta T1 Fittings were lower cost, which both helped to include some without T2 skills, and lowered the cost of the fleet.
  • I think I learned a good bit about how to apply the fit better, both in a personal aspect and how to tailor fleets for it in the future.

    (Negative stuff)
  • Still not entirely sure what happened with the warpin, but the first fight was a disaster since we were forced to take the fight due to my mistakes...
  • Definitely had a feeling of "I definitely don't know what I'm doing" that persisted throughout the fleet, and most likely didn't help my decision making.
  • I wasn't sure how to utilize my scouts properly, and I feel like that was a big issue that I need to learn from.
  • Was certainly overwhelmed during the first fight, and didn't give good commands, which didn't help the situation any...
  • Recent fleets around LSC have consisted of ~5 people or so, and I had made fleet preparation for a group of that size, which affected both reshipping (I had planned for 2 refits for a group of 5) and increased the amount of people I was trying to manage.

    Some extra notes and outlying stuff:
  • I feel like if I recorded the fleet, that would help with reviewing the fight for feedback and advice purposes, though I'm not sure how to go about that.
  • I didn't give a Newbro speech (didn't have any notes or reference for giving one) or any of the other extra stuff for putting together and organizing a fleet (I put together my own MOTD for the fleet: image

This was certainly a learning experience. I feel like I could have handled the fleet a LOT better, but I still had fun and thats ultimately what matters! I think a lot of the issues were mostly centered around the central issue of this being my first time, and I hope if I do more fleets in the future that issue will be less of a factor over time. I might also have a better time taking out a Uni designed fleet instead of a fleet consisting of a fit I've only had a small amount of testing for, and didn't get to apply properly during the fleet I feel.

Feel free to roast me down below! I definitely could use the advice and feedback!
LSC Hangar Officer - Teacher - Graduate


YooJin Moon


Assistant Teaching Manager
Assistant Teaching Manager

Post 2020.03.26 23:29

Re: [AAR] Neut Tristans Fleet 3/26/20 @ 19:00

Having fun is the first priority. Congrats on your first fleet! Welcome to FCing.
1. The pod - were safties set to red? This is required to pod in lowsec.
2. Scouts - always interesting because good ones have personal methods and new ones need direction. Practice and frequency is key and I am learning a lot here myself. If you scout for other fleets it'll help your understanding.
3. Keep FCing! People having a good time is all that matters. You'll get better with every fleet.


Nienke Solette


Events Manager
Events Manager

Post 2020.03.26 23:55

Re: [AAR] Neut Tristans Fleet 3/26/20 @ 19:00

Congratulations indeed for your first time as FC!
I was in Mumble and making my way over to the fleet with my Tristan and heard you guys going into combat comms. A couple of tips from my own experience:
1) Keep talking during a fight. "Primary is the Deacon of Dermitdem Geraet [repeat] and the secondary is the Pontifex of Psykon BlazeALot [repeat]" Other things to call for are drones out, prop-mods on/off/x cycles and overheating. If someone has something important to say, they will speak up ^^
2) Scouts are your eyes and arms in (most of the time, it depends on the situation) the next system. They provide intel and they will get content for your fleet. Big yay to scouts! \o/
3) It's good to have a reship location at a different system for a quicker continuation of the fleet.

Oh and those combat jitters? Those go away the more you FC ^^
Hope to fly with you soon! o7
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Shauny Tsero


Campus Manager
Campus Manager

Post 2020.03.27 10:15

Re: [AAR] Neut Tristans Fleet 3/26/20 @ 19:00

You got some kills which is great! AND you have made comments to build on which is very important! I'll try and join next time!

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