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QRF Against Hell Dawn in Osmomonne

QRF Against Hell Dawn in Osmomonne:

QRF Members (20)

Ievos - Stratios
Lobevaser - Onyx
Randrick Miromme – Jackdaw (in corp alt of Ievos)
Metti ar Virksen – Astero (eyes)
Ricar Audeles - Hyperion
Gibson Thunderbird - Ikitursa
Hiram Lio - Caracal)

The Lead Up

The QRF was formed after the loss of a Myrmidon in Amy, and while we took some losses, it was a ISK positive experience, and an educational one.

Earlier in the evening, combat probes were noted, with (1) Uni member validating a set was theirs, but not the other. Unfortunately, this concern was not headed by some, which resulted in the first loss.
The war targets were identified as being in Juf. Those the exact ships were not known at first, they would be (2) Cynabols and (2) Harpies.

The call to dock up was made by a few, myself included, both in Juf and Amy. Unfortunately, Ace was not able to his Myrmidon into warp and out of the site being salvaging in Amy. The Hell Dawn fleet move quickly from Juf to Amy, and warped in on Ace’s Myrmidon. Ace was not in fleet, but even still was down before anyone would have been able to get there.

After Ace went down, the enemy fleet packed up quickly and left Amy. While the QRF was being called for and organized, I flew cloaked to the Amy Gate, and saw them warp to the Ansalle Gate; I followed.

The Fight

QRF was formed with a hodgepodge of shield ships. Unfortunately, we did not have the numbers to form a full fleet with logi, and some of us were already out in PVP fit ships.

Between a few cloaky pilots and an Out of Corp alt, we were able to track them. On at least (1) occasion, I was almost in a great position to warp in on them directly and engage, but they were quickly moving from gates, moving towards Amy and then away.

Throughout, Lobevaser had been directing the fleet to move up to “x” gate, to keep them close but not too close.
We ultimately caught them in Osmomonne. Trying to track them, I jumped in and they were waiting. The rest of the fleet was called to move up.

I held Gate Cloak as long as possible, called out the Primary, then took the fight. The primary would be the Cynabols.
Lobevaser jumped in shortly behind and got second tackle on the primary and secondary Cynabols.

Though hectic, and somewhat strung out, the small fleet poured in and took the fight. We took down both Cynabols, but the Harpies escaped. A couple of Good Fights were posted. Moving quickly, the majority of the loot was picked up. Some reshipped, to assist in looting, though mainly to assist if they returned.

They enemy did return, with a Typhoon Fleet Issue, (3) Deimos, and later added a Bhaalgorn. Knowing we couldn’t take this, everyone warped back and docked up. While docked up, they did return. Stations were manned, and everyone on Mumble was validated as safe. Unfortunately, it was not till later that we found that another Uni member was flying out and about in Amy, off comms and not in fleet.

In the end, lost our fair share of ships, but it was both ISK and Fun Positive.


The Wartargets Have Eyes

We may have found the out of corp eyes for Hell Dawn. Additionally, it is clear that Hell Dawn has multiple other Out of Corp alts that are hunting for them. While the specific character we found has been forwarded on to the appropriate Diplomats, it is imperative that pilots fly smartly and be aware of the potential for alts to be probing/scanning them.

Battle Report: Report
ISK Destroyed: 1,120,996,591.46
ISK Lost: 794,408,119.38
ISK Delta: 326 588 472.08‬
Efficiency: 58.5%
Loot: 26,540,837.11
Please note that loot does not include the items recovered that were originally another Uni Member’s.

Overall Evaluation

The Good:
- We took the fight.
- People on our end were happy to participate and enjoyed the content.
- We managed to secure decent kills.
- We didn’t keep people docked up needlessly, but rather pushed for the PVP.
- No pods were lost in the making of this battle report.
-They seemed to actually be looking for a decent fight, though clearly on the hunt for ambushing unsuspecting Unistas.
- Lobevaser and myself split the load, without contradicing or stepping on each other; this contributed to smooth transitions when I went down.

The Bad:
- Some more expensive losses than normal, though I feel the risk taken to bring these ships out (by experienced players that could personally afford the loss) contributed to the success with the few Unistas we had.
- We were unable to provide a very new player a ship to participate in time. Lobevaser had just been going over some very basics, and did not feel it appropriate to bring a player still learning some very basic game mechanics. I look forward to their participation in future fights, and hope they did not feel it was a negative.
- We missed out on more kills due to not getting tackle on the Harpies in time.
- I should have overheated sooner on everything.

The Ugly:
- We had a variety of players not in fleet, or not as alert as they should have been. While I understand not all wars are against active enemies, Hells Dawn appears to be one and we need to take better care.

The Neutral:
-Consideration should be made to ensuring the fleet is as close as practical, to reduce to delay in the main group landing and engaging. This wouldn’t be negative, but something to keep in mind to balance.