AAR WHC Small Ships vs Army of Mango (Nullsec)

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Jynn Mara
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AAR WHC Small Ships vs Army of Mango (Nullsec)

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Hello all - many know me by another name - and this is my alt that was graciously accepted back into the WHC family. I have been playing off/on w/WHC for the past 5 days or so and it has become apparent that apart from the occasional 1/2/3 "kitchen" sink engagements that we have been lacking the numbers. However, last evening, as Rayni found us a ratting Gila in a Nullsec connection off Bacon we had just the right amount of people to form a basic small ships doctrine. Frankly, pvp had been sparse so I went into this with the mindset that something will explode one way or another … and if that means we whelp the fleet so be it (spoiler we did).

Anyways, Rayni quickly got us a warp-in to the ratting Gila as we assembled the below doctrine on the other side of the Frigate-Sized Hole. Based on local there were numerous ratters in their various green-sites attempting to become space rich. However, this also told us that our 5-Frigates would likely be facing a large response force. When Rayni was on Grid with the Gila, he made several warp-in bookmarks. Not to give away our presence, the plan was simple, have tackle jump in, warp to the BM and get tackle on the Gila and have the fleet follow to make one-giant-space explosion. Then leave.

Well...it sort of went that way, until Minako landed 60km off the target, and I jumped the fleet just as he said that he was 60km off (why did this happen? Not Sure - Maybe one of my fleet mates can expand below). My intent was to ensure that Minako would not get completely face-melted as the warp distance was something in excess of 50 AU...however, maybe I should have waited until he got tackle. Either way the game was up - the Gila warped off and they now knew that we had the mighty number of 5ish Frigates. All the remaining ratters docked up one by one, however left an MTU behind. We had an alt combat probe the MTU and made it go "pooof!" - satisfaction was had.

At this point, the enemy decided it would be a good time to spin ships in station for 10 minutes, while we planned our next move orbiting the hole inside their system. Out comes a Retri - on DSCAN, Rayni relays that there is a sabre and other various things gathering. Ok no problem, I like to pew pew, and Biwako was happy to oblige to find the Retri and tackle it on a POCO.

"Alright, guys take the warp and prepare to die," I believe I muttered … my hope was that we could kill enough stuff to be isk positive when it warped on top of us. Sure enough, as soon as we landed on grid, they warped their "small" response fleet, and I declared the Sabre to be primary once the retri pops. Retri pops, fleet lands, bubbles go up everywhere like no ones business, I manage to scram/web the Sabre and it goes way deep into armor - we all die before we pop it. Oh well.

Learning Point: Could have aligned out as they were in warp to us to give us a chance to pop the retri and then make an escape, however AB fit w/no range designed to brawl on a hole...doesn't make this a likely survival technique either … probably could have just gone home and let them rat-in-peace - but where is the fun in that. I was in no mood to retreat which certainly cost us the entire fleet - but fun was had.

To see the response to our mighty Frigates please click here: https://zkillboard.com/related/30004920/202002120600/

Roam members (5)
Biwako Acami - Deacon
Erywin Chelien - Retribution
Jynn Mara - Enyo - FC
Minako Acami - Republic Fleet Firetail - Tackle
Waruiru - Deacon
Rayni Ptarth - Helios Scout
Kills and Losses

(06:21:19) 1I6F-9
Mobile Tractor Unit +6.95m

(06:27:43) 1I6F-9
Retribution +44.18m
Republic Fleet Firetail -17.26m
Retribution -48.78m
Enyo -45.08m
Deacon -44.64m
Deacon -41.49m
Capsule -0.85m
Capsule -2.09m
Capsule -0.83m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 51,120,771.88
ISK Lost: 201,032,870.03
ISK Delta: -149,912,098.15
Efficiency: 20.274%

Overall evaluation
  • We had fun
    We formed quickly
    We understood the doctrine and its negatives and positives
    I whelped the fleet, pretty much on purpose
    ...did I mention, eeeeewwww Nullsec
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Rayni Ptarth
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Re: AAR WHC Small Ships vs Army of Mango (Nullsec)

Post by Rayni Ptarth »

In regards to the error on the warp in, screwed up is what happened. After creating the warp in bookmark, I had started to maneuver to get closer. In doing so, I through off where I thought tackle would warp in to.

I need to get a better method for creating a tactical grid around warp in targets.

On the bright side, we did get content for 38 players in local and I had the chance to tackle a Naglfar.
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Budda Sereda
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Re: AAR WHC Small Ships vs Army of Mango (Nullsec)

Post by Budda Sereda »

I ddon't think that the problem is in tactical BMs: any normal and non-afk ratter would spot locals and be ready to run.

The best you can do is to get a bomber for tackle and have something more solid to land secondary. If no bomber, you just warp to the site at 0 and hope to land a point before the prey warps out.