[AAR POCO Defense QRF]

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[AAR POCO Defense QRF]

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Kills and Losses

So I log on and see that 1 of our POCOs has been reinforced and another is under attack.
The amount of time on grid is super long so I'm assuming whoever is doing it has no more than 2 people, probably in cruisers or below.
Call QRF to go defend because maybe some easy kills/ fun fights. Frigates and dessies only because my math says only about 30 minutes to travel 21 jumps from AMY.
People spread the word to the other campuses and soon we've got some interested NSC members who are gonna travel over and meet us. Awesome.

(18:20:14) PC9-AY
Vagabond -323.88m

(18:26:44) PC9-AY
Jaguar -48.95m

The NSC group had some trouble along the way. I wasn't there and they were actually still in their own comms at the time so no idea on the details of how this went down just we lost some ships who were travelling to join us. Sort of unfortunate but I think it was a pretty nasty gate camp they hit.

(18:49:34) Botane
Catalyst -4.88m

Larkvi stumbled across a war target nereus getting scrammed and shot by a neutral and I told him it was alright if he wanted to engage. Turns out it was bait and a hurricane warped in as backup. I had already turned back and had our other logi frigate join us. Larkvi got caugt and I got on grid in time to land reps, but larkvi was still slowly breaking. Our other logi was a little behind and was only able to get his first cycle of reps on just as larkvi died.
Everyone else disengaged successfully and larkvi bought a new catalyst one jump over in Dodi. Was sort of convenient actually cause it let him get a scram.

(18:55:28) PF-346
Retribution -48.12m
Capsule -64.93m

More trouble with NSC people joining us.

The logistics frigates were some of the first to arrive at the destination system which was unfortunate. I had been planning to wait on the ingate and maybe retain the element of surprise but there were 2 wartargets one jump out so they had lots of warning time. there was a wartarget Stratios moving between systems that we tried to catch a few times unsucessfully, and the single bomber that had been hitting the POCOs was long gone when we got on grid eventually.
The timer on the reinforced POCO was 1 day 1 hour, so I figured might be a good idea to hold a presense in system for a short while before leaving, so that if they reinforced the remaining POCO after we left it would push to the 25th not the 24th.
As soon as we left system they pinged it again so we decided to double back, but the bomber got away again fairly easily.
We decided to logoff in space for a few minutes to see if he would come ping again but to no avail. We head home for good.
Our second logi docks up and logs becuase of some real life aggro at this point as well leaving me as solo logi.

(20:10:55) Botane
Nereus +1.31m
Catalyst -2.77m
Retribution -48.08m
Capsule +0.01m
Inquisitor -5.15m

On the way back we encounter the same baiting team but with more dps I decide to go for it.
We manage to kill the Nereus pretty trivialy but the real target is the hurricane which is we weren't able to get.
As solo logi I was able to not get caught by the hurricane pretty effectively for a while, and I can seemingly hold reps on the Assault frigates pretty well, but the catalyst is a big chunk of our dps and not tanky enough for me to hold permanently while maintaining a safe range. One Retri did die in this fight... I think it just swung out of my range right as the hurricane got 2 lucky shots in a row.
The fleet is starting to spread out a lot after the catalyst dies and I make a big mistake and get scrammed at which point the fight is basically over. I try to orbit under the guns of the hurricane once it's clear I'm caught but the drones kill me (surprisingly slowly) before my fleetmates can kill the drones and as soon as I pop the rest of the fleet warps off before I can even say scatter.
It was a good fight overall. With 2 logis probably could have been a lot better but was excellent practice for soloing logi and not too expensive of a fight for us all told.

ISK Destroyed: 1,324,664.13
ISK Lost: 546,760,832.76
ISK Delta: -545,436,168.63
Efficiency: 0.242%

Overall was basically just unfortunate fleet but not the worst. I'm pretty glad I called frigates as it let us move around pretty efficiently and we would have had less than 0 chance at any content with a cruiser doctrine given that the frigates really weren't even fast enough. Kind of unfortunate that the war targets had so many eyes laying nearby for early warning and really wierd that they would solo the POCOs with 5 or so other corpmates within 2 jumps but I suppose paranoia worked well for them here so makes sense.

Most of the losses were people travelling from NSC. In terms of the actual POCO systems we had no kills and no losses, and the fights with the Nereus baiter were fun so at least we weren't too bored while travelling.

Hopefully Hogs will bring us a real fight tommorow for the timer.