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[Fleet] Plex for Good AMC Shared Can 25 Jan 2230


25 Jan 2230Eve Time

What -- PLEX for GOOD is a charitable program operated by CCP Games on behalf of EVE Online players. It provides a way for EVE players to donate to a charitable cause through the use of the digital currency PLEX. Additionally the UNI has agreed to match what we are able to raise to increase the overall donation..

When -- On 25 January E-Uni will be hosting multiple events throughout the day. Currently we have 2 Shared can events, 1 gas huffing event and a possible Incursion event. The goal is all ISK earned will be sold for PLEX and donated. We have coordinated with other players who will sell PLEX at a reduced rate to the UNI for this purpose. CCP will take the cash value of all PLEX and donate it to the Red Cross located in Australia. Event number 3 will form up 2230 on 25 January In Hoona Shooting Horse.

Why -- Multiple staff members have collaborated to come up with ideas on how E-Uni can help be apart of this. I feel it is important to note that we have current unistas who are part of the emergency services battling this fire.

Where -- This is the first scheduled event of the day. We will be hosting a Moon Mining shared can in Hoona. Form up will be at Shooting Horse 2230. Ventures and Procurers will be available to loan out and on contract in Shemah if you would like to purchase one.

1. As many Skiff, Procurer, Venture, Orca, and Porpoise pilots as we can get.

Specialized Roles:
1. 1x Noctis pilots (A)___________________ (B)___________________ (C)__________________
2. 1x Freighter pilots (A)_____Daireann Price ( Psycho's alt)______________ (B)___________________ (C)__________________
3. 4x On Grid Mining and Shield Booster (A)_DoomWaff1es (Analee OOC ALT)_ (B)__Screadail Fickity ( Psycho's alt)_____ (C)____________ (D)____________
4. 4x Scouts / Pickets.

NOTE: Please reply to this post or reach out to Analee Tsasa in-game, slack or via a forum pm if you would like to fill a Specialized Role. Depending on how long we are going to run, we may need replacements... Also depending on war decs I may need combat ships on standby.

Fleet Advert will be the PLEX for Good Shared Can Fleet' and the mumble channel will be AMC general but may switch depending on conditions.