AAR: Stabber gang

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Gergoran Moussou



Post 2019.10.09 01:46

AAR: Stabber gang

Alright. So I made a bit of a mistake in how I ran this. I accidentally put it on the calendar for personal events instead of corp events, so we didn't have as many people as I would have wanted (I was hoping for around 8-10 people in Stabbers and some Scythe support). So the main advance notice of this was the forum post). We made do with what we had.

So I put us on a route to Tama around a few systems. First one where we found anything interesting was Vlillirier. A Vexor who had been reported by the scout exited the system into our gate while we were waiting on the scout to find a warp-in on some other stuff (it looked like mostly Gallente FW groups in there).

There were a few ships that we saw which I decided not to engage because three Stabbers with no logi might have a bad time with gate guns.

There was a group with a few members from various Low-Sec groups which vastly outshipped us and I didn't think that we'd be able to accomplish much beyond wasting time and ISK by doing that.

After we got to the Nisuwa gate into Tama, William noticed that there was a Catalyst in a large plex. He tackled it, killed it while the other Stabbers were in warp.

I was hoping that there would be something going on in Tama that we could third-party. But when we got there, it turned out that a fight between Pandemic Horde (who had a significantly larger Stabber fleet) and Hull Penetration scared everyone else off. I don't know which side owned the Thanatos which got reported on DScan, but I wasn't interested in engaging).

We went back a slightly different route. Encountered that same group. They killed William. Didn't find anything else on the way home.

Overall, it was enjoyable. I had never flown a Stabber before, but my initial impression is that I like it as a low-sec fit. I'll keep this in mind for future roams.

Roam members (4)
Aleria Ambraelle - Malediction
Brock Carlisle - Stabber
Gergoran Moussou - Stabber
William Lyon Mackenzie - Stabber

Kills and Losses

(23:29:05) Renarelle
Vexor +47.11m

(23:45:39) Nisuwa
Catalyst +15.93m

(23:58:23) Hikkoken
Stabber -33.2m

ISK Destroyed: 63,041,052.08
ISK Lost: 33,202,429.52
ISK Delta: 29,838,622.56
Efficiency: 65.502%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    (Negative stuff)

William Lyon Mackenzie



Post 2019.10.09 02:17

Re: AAR: Stabber gang

That was a fun, quick little roam.

In hindsight, I would have kept better track of pilots we had seen in space - I might've been able to get away with my ship had I been a little more aware of who I was on grid with.

Great fun either way. Will be out on the next one!

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