Post 2019.09.28 06:34

Are you ready to Join a Wormhole Corp ?

Hello there!

My name is ISK Lord, CEO of wormhole corp Negative Density. Since venturing into wormhole space many years ago I have lived there with friends enjoying the game and having great times ever since. We have a history of passing on our knowledge to newer players and helping them find their feet in the long darkness of wormhole space!

If you have done some exploration with EvE Uni and are ready to take a big leap forward, you might be interested in contacting us. We're interested in team players who are interested in PvP, as well as the many other aspects of wormhole space. You don't need any previous experience. As long as you can scan and are willing to learn as part of a supportive team we can teach you the rest!

Our home system has perfect PI, manufacturing and industry facilities, and there is plenty of opportunity to run sites and make lots of ISK.

We do have a few requirements:

- We use Discord for voice comms and IM
- We're an English speaking corp
- You must have 1 or more Omega accounts
- Must be able to fly cov ops frigate and have 10m SP
- Must be 18yrs plus with mature attitude

That's it! All you need to do is send an in game mail to ISK Lord, and tell me a little about yourself. We'll then arrange to get on Discord for a chat.

Wormhole space awaits!


ISK Lord o7