Post 2019.05.17 03:52

Fringeland Industry - Setting up shop in all of Eve

We need players at all skill levels and time-zones.

Fringeland Industrial seeks to be a self-sufficient organization with operations in all areas of EVE. When all of our centers are operational, members will be able to experience all aspects of the game, from abyssal space to wormholes to Sov-Null. We will have an industrial focus because industry provides the ships and structures needed to take and hold space. These industrial operations will need security support. Mining and resource gathering operations will generate more resoures than we can use, so we will need to create trade hubs to sell them, and logistics support to move resources to the right place at the right time. We are supporting our industrial base by expanding our extensive blueprint library. We can build all frigates, destroyers, some cruisers, Procurers and Porpoises with all supporting fittings, so you won't need to buy ships to play and you won't have to worry about losing them.

Our current goal is to establish a low-sec moon mining base, a null sec ice mining base and related PI operations. These will provide fuel blocks for moon mining and reaction operations to make ISK and build resources to move into NPC-Null and wormhole space.

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