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[CLASS] FCC Guest Virion - Booshing - June 1st 20:00

Booshing - Command Destroyers and You

FCC Guest Lecturer: Virion, FC for Spectre Fleet, Boosher Extraordinaire
Date: Saturday, June 1st 20:00
Where: Euni Public Mumble

Lecture Topics - to be followed by Q&A
A brief lecture and discussion on tactics for Booshing in PVP.
1. Basic Understanding of Booshing
2. Spear Fishing Tactics in Fleets
3. Ship Uses: Brawling, Probing Support, Hunting

About Virion:
Virion has been playing EVE for just over five years now, most of which he's spent with Spectre Fleet, eventually joining their leadership a few years ago. Between running almost all kinds of fleets with SF, he's also run the Alliance Tournament team, and is now doing the commentary for EVE's tournaments.