[CLASS] FCC Guest Suitonia - Hunting/Tackling-May 26th 22:00

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[CLASS] FCC Guest Suitonia - Hunting/Tackling-May 26th 22:00

Hunting / Tackling (for fun and profit)

FCC Guest Lecturer: Suitonia, Solo/Smolgang PVPer & Streamer
Date: Sunday, May 26th 22:00
Where: Euni Public Mumble

Lecture Topics - to be followed by Q&A
A brief lecture and discussion on tactics for Hunting and Tackling in PVP.
1. Hunting Ships and how they differ for tackling
2. How to make the catch cloaked or uncloaked
3. How to stay alive after tackle

About Suitonia:
Suitonia has been playing EvE for 12 years and what keeps him coming back is the awesome community both in and out of the game. He is best known for the solo PVP videos he makes on youtube on the eveiseasy channel and on his twitch stream. He is a member of CSM13.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa-ySy ... gKx1-t9QAA

Adree Jericho


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Teaching Manager

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Re: [CLASS] FCC Guest Suitonia - Hunting/Tackling-May 26th 22:00

This event has been postponed by one hour. Please plan accordingly, and hope to see you there!

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