[AAR] Impromptu LSC Roam (aka The 3 for 1 Special) 12Apr19

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Auric Fulcrum



Post 2019.04.13 14:52

[AAR] Impromptu LSC Roam (aka The 3 for 1 Special) 12Apr19

Roam members (17)
Ares Dodekatheon - Atron, Merlin
Auric Fulcrum - Tormentor, Kestrel, Merlin
Brock Davidson
Chrispin - Tormentor, Merlin
Drake Shea
Dynamo Crash - Condor, Merlin, Griffin
Edwin Clough - Maulus
Ghad Makanen - Tristan
Glenrowan - Tormentor, Merlin
Jack Heck - Tormentor, Merlin
Jeracho Dorne
Mike Kingswell - Navitas, Atron
Rudy Raymond Rain - Executioner, Punisher
Tal Tracyn - Stabber, Merlin
Urban Oxide - Rifter, Atron
Yto Itinen - Merlin

Kills and Losses

This fleet started out as a LSC Proto Fleet Roam under the command of Urban Oxide and just sorta turned into a Uni Roam.

Part 1: Proto Fleet

We formed up in LSC (now in Eugales!) and roamed around the area for some sweet sweet content.

(18:51:05) Agoze
Navitas -1.78m
Tormentor -4.75m

Tried to engage a Myrmidon in a Large Plex. It didn't go so well. He killed our one Logi and tanked us until his friends arrived.

(19:05:41) Vlillirier
Rifter -3.83m

Scout/FC found a Wolf in a small and died before the fleet could establish secondary point.

Part 2: Kitchen Sink Frigates

With Urban having to leave soon and people from HSC showing interest in joining, this turned into a Kitchen Sink Frigate roam with me volunteering for FC. We made a quick stop in Juf to pick up any interested HSC people and went back out again.

(19:31:48) Agoze
Tormentor -4.75m
Hecate +72.74m

Scouts found and held a Hecate until the fleet arrived. Of course, my first action as the new FC was to immediately die while establishing scram. Worth it tho.

(19:46:09) Nennamaila
Atron -1.59m
Tormentor -5.46m
Tormentor -5.05m
Condor -1.93m
Stabber -26m
Capsule -0.01m

Scout reported a Wolf and 2 Jaguars (?) landing on him at a Plex, I told him to warp off and find something else. Shortly after leaving the Jaguars departed and only a Wolf and Comet were left on grid. I called the scout to warp back and grab point on something. Fleet jumped in and landed with the enemy reinforcements, which turned out to a a while gang of AssFrigs and Comets. Scatter was called and people died while trying to get out.

(19:59:43) Nennamaila
Worm +85.59m
Sentinel +417.44m

While waiting in a NPC Station for everyone to reship one of the scouts found a Sentinel at the sun. The fleet undocked and warped immediately, but the Sentinel managed to neut out the scout before the fleet landed. Shortly after, a Worm landed on grid and got caught by us. The Worm died with the Sentinel watching from over a hundred kilometers away. Then, the AssFrig gang that killed us earlier landed and we scattered again. The Sentinel died to the gang and was also incredibly blingy!

(20:18:12) Aldranette
Stabber -32.31m
Atron -7.85m
Tormentor -13.39m
Merlin -5.11m
Exequror Navy Issue +83m
Atron -1.58m
Tristan -21.08m
Merlin -5.2m
Executioner -10.98m
Merlin -5.31m
Kestrel -3.78m

After reshipping was done we undocked and went after the Succubus that was reported to be in Ald. An Ashimmu was outside the same plex, but it managed to warp off just as the scouts landed, the Succubus doing the same inside the plex. However, said Ashimmu came back shortly after and got caught by our scouts. The fleet landed as enemy reinforcements arrived: a Vexor and an Exeq Navy. Primary was switched to the Exeq Navy with scouts keeping points on the Ashimmu and Vexor. We slowly broke the Exeq while bleeding ships continously and switched to Vexor after he went down. Sadly, we had barely any people left at that point and scatter with what we had left.

Part 3: BLAP Merlins

Since almost everyone was in a pod at this point and there were a lot of Merlins on contract in Ichoriya, I decided to officially change our "doctrine" to BLAP Merlins. After another reship and bio, we continued on our way to Tama. Again.

(20:39:50) Nennamaila
Atron -1.59m
Sentinel +71.6m

Found a Sentinel + Nomen in a large plex. Nomen warped off, scout died holding down the Sentinel.

(20:51:23) Kedama
Thorax +39.26m

A Thorax warped to a Plex, the scouts followed. Blap blap.

(20:59:30) Tama
Atron -1.58m

Scout found a Kikimora and died before he could get out :(

(21:04:59) Tama
Rifter +10.5m

A Rifter was playing around outside of our station. Scouts caught him, fleet warped and blapped him.

(21:11:41) Tama
Griffin -2.56m
Wolf +48.08m
Capsule +0.01m

Business as usual. Scout found stuff, we killed stuff. The only difference was that my headset decided to do weird things the moment the scout engaged so I had the 2IC take over.

(21:17:42) Nisuwa
Atron -1.59m

A tale as old as EVE. Scout finds stuff but dies before the fleet can get to him.

ISK Destroyed: 828,223,135.46
ISK Lost: 169,077,763.99
ISK Delta: 659,145,371.47
Efficiency: 83.046%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    - Juicy kills
    - Plenty of content
    - Lots of fun
    (Negative stuff)
    - FC suicided at the start of Part 2
    - I think I could've handled the Exeq/Ashimmu/Vexor fight better
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Mike Kingswell



Post 2019.04.13 17:54

Re: [AAR] Impromptu LSC Roam (aka The 3 for 1 Special) 12Apr19

Great fun impromtu tripple fleet :D

As for the Ashimu fight: You didn't do bad in my opinion. we even spread point and held the ashimu until he managed to catch me and get rid of me. With our numbers we simply didnt have the logi to stand against all three of them and killing one of them whilst bleeding ships was quite alright in the circumstanced I find.
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Rudy Raymond Rain



Post 2019.04.14 06:06

Re: [AAR] Impromptu LSC Roam (aka The 3 for 1 Special) 12Apr19

That was a fun fleet, thanks for the content!

Tal Tracyn



Post 2019.04.14 15:14

Re: [AAR] Impromptu LSC Roam (aka The 3 for 1 Special) 12Apr19

Stabber so baity :D

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