[AAR] Rampage Ruppies 10/4/2019

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Tal Tracyn



Post 2019.04.10 21:56

[AAR] Rampage Ruppies 10/4/2019

Roam members (22)
47 Armer
Ares Dodekatheon
Asuka Rossi
Auric Fulcrum
B'aldrick Aivoras
Dynamo Crash
Ergan Eto
Esca Sinak
Ghad Makanen
Jack Heck
Nelliver Cadigal
Pink Kondur
Psychotic Fickity
Samsam James
Stephe Auduin
Strontium Bob Bobbins
Tal Tracyn
Vrebor Gamir
Yto Itinen
Zeerse Solaris
itsMickle Zenotath

Kills and Losses

Everyone avoided us except this guy who followed us abit.
(21:06:36) Agoze
Wolf +45.27m

ISK Destroyed: 45,270,736.44
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 45,270,736.44
Efficiency: 100%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    Apparantly Ruptures are scarey people avoided us.
    (Negative stuff)
    FC had to speak over people on comms a few times.
    Mrym we engaged crashed the gate and got away.
    Needed more long points on fast tackle.
    FC didn't swap to a clean clone.

Comments: I enjoyed this fleet/doc i just need to fine tune it a bit more.
Fast lock with long point needed.
Should of put long points on a couple of the stabbers.
But over all we burnt down the mrym really quickly.

You guys can have your slots back now :)

Nelliver Cadigal



Post 2019.04.11 19:33

Re: [AAR] Rampage Ruppies 10/4/2019

Regarding comms I just want to say it could have been much worse. Especially if you take into account that no one came around to play with us. I have seen (heard) comms descending into complete anarchy when content would not materialise (anyone remember that Thorax from 'Socket was closed' playing station games in Stac?). Good job and discipline by everyone involved to keep it up at least to some degree.
Thanks for those fleets and kudos for trying a different doctrin.

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