[AAR] Kitchen Sink Fleet 07/04/2019

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Tal Tracyn



Post 2019.04.07 21:19

[AAR] Kitchen Sink Fleet 07/04/2019

First Fleet for FCC :)
I got some reports of a gate camp at 6-Cz49 so we made our way up there.
On the way we killed the retriever and his pod.

In PF a harbinger dropped into a drag bubble and Ares got tackle.
We all burnt from the FDL gate as it was to close to warp and burnt him down and killed the bubble.

In 6E-578 Ares reported he had tackle on an imicus and i thought he had +1 into 6-C so jumped the fleet in and realised he was back in 6E-
Then we had a nightmare,sleipner,2 jaugs and a sabre jump into 6E- so we ran for the out gate to reblier and hit a sabre bubble.
Lost a few ships but most of the fleet got out.

Fleet took a bio break in juf and reshipped

Fleet then went into Ouelletta and engaged a Algos on the Mel gate and we lost a few frigs to gate guns.
The guys did a fairly good job in warping out.
A 5 Man VNI fleet jumped in and we did a swift retreat to high sec and went back into low via Hevrice as the VNI we camping juf gate.
Catalsyts was pointed by Ares in a complex and we dropped the fleet on him, Ares lost his Atron so we went to Murethand to reship him and Alf tackled a Gnosis just off an fortizar.
Fleet desided to return to amy.

Roam members (21)
47 Armer - Griffin
Alf Saissore - Malediction
Ares Dodekatheon - Atron, Merlin
Asuka Rossi - Griffin
B'aldrick Aivoras - Federation Navy Comet, Imperial Navy Slicer
Dynamo Crash - Crucifier
Ergan Eto - Slasher
Ghad Makanen - Crucifier
Lightsong the Bold
Lost Eagle1 - Crucifier, Punisher
MakoWesst - Merlin
Marcel Eriker - Kestrel
Nelliver Cadigal - Tristan
Rolland Antollare - Atron
Silver FoxV - Incursus
Tal Tracyn - Crucifier
Torg Navatin
Vulcann Rin - Merlin
YooJin Moon - Incursus
Yto Itinen - Griffin
kayimbo - Kestrel

Kills and Losses

(19:32:44) Poitot
Retriever +18.82m
Capsule +0.01m

(19:43:19) PF-346
Harbinger +65.51m
Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I +0.58m

(19:55:30) 6E-578, 6-CZ49
Imicus +0.55m
Capsule +0.01m
Malediction -62.82m
Incursus -3.17m
Capsule -0.01m
Griffin -13.09m
Incursus -17.88m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant -0.01m

(20:26:29) Ouelletta
Crucifier -7.8m
Atron -7.95m
Griffin -0.76m
Algos +1.7m
Griffin -1.11m
Federation Navy Comet -23.55m

(20:52:08) Melmaniel
Merlin -7.98m
Catalyst +14.37m

(20:58:11) Murethand
Gnosis +63.5m

ISK Destroyed: 165,041,709.08
ISK Lost: 146,138,975.87
ISK Delta: 18,902,733.21
Efficiency: 53.037%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    Scouts did a really good job so props to Ares And Lost Eagle (first time scout)
    (Negative stuff)
    Should of back tracked at 6-C instead of heading to reblier
    Engaging neuts on gate by blood thirsty HSC'ers :P

Nelliver Cadigal



Post 2019.04.08 21:36

Re: [AAR] Kitchen Sink Fleet 07/04/2019

This was an excellent fleet. Commands were clear and very calm. Pace was appropriate.
Two minor points to consider:
MOTD had wrong navigation settings (less safe instead of shorter) which caused some confusion in the beginning
2FC and 3FC were not nominated/announced

The whole feeling of the fleet was absolutely relaxed and I would go on a roam with this group and command again!
Keep it up Tal.

Yto Itinen



Post 2019.04.08 22:26

Re: [AAR] Kitchen Sink Fleet 07/04/2019

First of all, congrats on deciding to FC, it's not an easy task. For a first fleet as a commander you did well!

The things that Nell suggested, well, you fixed them already on the Merlin roam, correcting MOTD and nominating the 2IC/3IC.

On the nullsec part, all the enemies we could take down, we did, Harbinger being the best kill. The fleet was not exactly familiar with all nullsec mechanics, but we avoided the worst and got out relatively well.

On the losec part, we also did well on the gate guns, for a kitchen sink fleet those engagements are risky. The Gnosis was taken down in a very efficient fashion and got us a very nice kill.

Overall it was a good fleet, fluid movement and good content, the scouts also did very well!

See you next roam!


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