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Post 2019.03.17 04:55

FCC Study Abroad AARs

I was flying with a couple Tuskers guys. We were all in kitey bs. I, personally, was in a Nosprey.

Found a hauler, killed a hauler.

Found a Rorq, poked it, it brought in supers. We killed some tackle though. Then someone got tackled after we warped off, so we killed more tackle before supers dropped. Everyone got off, but I lost my drones. Probably a mistake launching them against a rorq to begin with.

Found an Exeq, played gate games with him. He got scram/web on me, because I'm a bad manual pilot. Luckily I lived and we melted him.

Found 10 algos + hyena, all with the same name, so likely a gatecamping multiboxer. We killed hyena, then free fired, but their drone dps killed one of our guys. But, I managed to scoop drones from the algoses.

Ran into another gang, killed some tackle before they brought in a carrier, then we warped off. We did this dance for a bit, either on the gate or elsewhere in system. Find one of their guys, pick off one or two, warp the second the carrier lands. I eventually screwed up again, and got scram/webbed by the Vexor. We barely managed to kill it in time and I got out. Heated T2 webs are 13km, so you can't afford to get that close. Need to keep range at 16+ for slingshots.

Then we burned out to join another group. They were mostly in Orthruses, I stayed in my Nosprey. We went to a hell-bubble camp. There were a couple carriers parked a ways away with a kitchen sink fleet, and a covops T3C gang, and us The goal here was to warp into stray kitchen sink ships, kill them, and anytime someone got attacked by fighters they warped off. The trick here (which I figured out after the 3rd time warping off) was to use lots and lots of pings. It was a much different fleet than your uni style of fleet. Mostly tackle would catch something, and we would blob and blap it. People would warp off as they needed. A much higher emphasis on personal piloting.

Personal piloting and range control were a huge deal, and translates well to fleet anchoring. Thanks to Tuskers and Gatt for having me out.

Stuff I need to work on:
Range control-got caught twice. The thing that caught me both times was overcorrection. I'd get to the edge of point range, so burn straight in to hold point, and then not turn fast enough. I need to turn in more subtly, and use heat on the point if I need to for one cycle as I correct my orbit.
Ammo swaps-Scourge vs anything else. I need to be better about knowing when the +25% dps boost is worth it, and when the resist hole is likely smaller




Post 2019.03.17 14:49

Re: Archemide's Study Abroad Diary

oh brilliant. that's exactly what tuskers is good at. i mean, really good at. part of why a certain fight was not taken.

by which I mean kitey nano gang harassment. murder on tackle and stragglers.

and you are right it is all 'soloing together' type of flying. and very heavy on manual piloting since, to do it right, you don't stay at say your 60km missile range, but get w/in point range to keep their attention (and swap point if needed). if you fly with the same peeps over and over, it is deadly (exodus does this too).

nicely done.
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