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Post 2019.03.11 08:24


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Innucently scouting of the newly rolled Bacon chain.
I jump through 3 B2 and see Image
so my reaction at first is oops. I call it out on comms, splash back into * and they follow, i dont get away before they bubble again, but i can slowboat out, (it got to 2.5km close) eventually they left back into their hole, which was 3 B2.

Doctrine is decided,
it is Small Ships, as we have two small Connections between us and them, we contemplate our bait options, but i realise, a shield fit porpoise is not gonna do a good job of baiting for an armour fleet, a HIC wouldve worked as well, especially for the Armour, but i figured that that would be a bit too obvious of a bait. So no bait today.

So i decided, with agreement of the fleet to FC, Reship into DD and fly into the hostile hole completely blind, as i was the only eyes. (As no other FC/Scout was available)

The Plan was to jump into the hole, See if they were still there, and fight, and if not see if they would come for us, as this was a small connection, bigger stuff couldnt follow us, we could just splash and disengage. But there was only a Jackdaw on D, which we tried to Dscan down, somebody said they were roughly where a unscanned signature was, so i called for somebody with Probes to see if they can scan it down, Markku had a Mobile depot and Probes with him, so thats what he did, while we were waiting, orbiting the hole.

Eventually a Rattlesnake appeared @0 which i primaried, the tank went down pretty fast, as we hit armour, i called for heat on the guns, (which was a bit early, considering by the time we burned him down, we were in danger of burning out our guns.)

Eventually, before the rattlesnake died, a huginn came on grid, i first wanted somebody to tackle it, until i realised we were in SS and the Huginn pulled range, so i called the person back. A kikimora landed and the Rattlesnake died. The Kiki and the Huginn were far off on gird, so i decided to stay on the hole and just let our fleet take potshots at range. (need to refresh long range of SS fleet for myself) Allister got shot into Hull by the Kikimora while i called to loot the field and pull drones.

I then called for a jump, hoping the Kiki would follow us, which it did, but it didnt stay on our side of the hole, but jumped back. the kiki would be polarised, but we would also be polarised, so i decided to stay, as the kiki seemed to be able to break us (not familar yet with trig ships), and call it a day. Called best speed home.

Kills and Losses
(21:31:31) J221859
Rattlesnake +754.98m

ISK Destroyed: 754,975,786.81
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 754,975,786.81
Efficiency: 100%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    - Didn't lose anything
    - we got content
    - and the loot

    (Negative stuff)
    - couldve reacted faster to Ali getting into hull
    - couldve known more about the dps of the kikimora to decide if i should go off the hole to catch it or not after the rattle kill
    - shouldve used vanguard to not spook them too much, but we got a rattle in the end so its fine
    - need to print a sheet or smth with the engagement ranges of HB vs SS as i think i overestimated our range

So i guess this QRF was okay

edits: fixing broken image
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Eir Geiravor



Post 2019.03.12 00:56


You did a great job as FC and wrote an accurate and entertaining AAR...Win win!

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