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[MONTHLY Q&A] Ask the OOs!

March 24th, 2019 at 0200 (Saturday night for NA folk)

This is a Question and Answer session primarily for new members of EVE University.
Bring any questions about E-Uni services, rules and standards, campuses, and anything else that you would like to know other than Game Mechanics. For those sorts of questions, you should attend Seamus Donohue’s Game Mechanics Q&A for those topics.

This Q&A Session will be hosted by my fellow Orientation Officer Psychotic Fickity and myself.
This month, we will highlight the HSC by inviting none other than Christoph Patrouette, our very own HSC Manager! This is a great time to ask very detailed questions about HSC like: Why isn't our Sun Trampoline working?!?!?

Public Mumble
In game Chat channel: Class (EVE Uni)

Student requirements:
Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational well before the class begins. Use this guide for set-up:
If you're having any problems getting into Mumble as a new player (or old) or the chat channel hit me up early in game mail/slack/game convo/signal flags etc.