[AAR] Thursday Things 3/8

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Campus Manager
Campus Manager

Post 2019.03.09 07:24

[AAR] Thursday Things 3/8

Roam members (22)
African Cerna - Impairor
Ana'ander Lamora - Caracal
Archemide - Caracal
Chris Redempt - Caracal
Conci Furiram - Hyena
Cpn Reynolds - Caracal
Drake Shea - Sabre
Ievos - Crow
Ithugor Wells - Osprey
Kaluma Asanari - Caracal
Ky Hanomaa - Caracal
Leech Locke - Caracal
Neemo Beer - Caracal
Penelore - Keres
Shizuka Shinano - Osprey
Stogal Severasse
Talon Mayaki - Caracal
Tokumei Kumiai
William Lyon Mackenzie - Condor
Xyrin Bacard - Slasher
Z0X Ambrye

Kills and Losses

We started off by going for some miners, but no luck. They docked up.

We went through a Thera that led to BRAVE staging. We came through, and and they had a kitchen sink fleet one jump out. It was well above our weight class, so I got us to a tac and worked on re-routing us. Before we left system, someone in local said they were forming up to fight us. I waited on another tac in a less dead-ended system to see what they brought. However, one of our scouts misunderstood where we were and died to their response fleet. I had our 3ic take over as anchor here so they couldn't easily identify our anchor when the real fight started.

Kudos to BRAVE for bringing a fair fight. They brought pretty much a mirror of our fleet, though with a few extra members. They went to a tac, so I decided to set up on the other side of the same gate to force them into us. Life is much better when our logi has a chance to get setup. Mistake one: I hadn't noticed, but our logi were only like 160km from the gate, so one of them couldn't warp. Mistake 2: I called for bubble up as soon as we landed. Meaning any slow aligners got screwed by the bubble. I should've made sure we were like 200km out at least, and then had us align in, warp together, then bubble up. Luckily, we only 1 logi and 1 DD didn't get the bubble. I'm not sure if/when they caught up or died.

I was trying to wait for our last 2 guys to get down with us, but then they warped in. They took potshots at our snowflakes, so I called jump. I set us up at around 30km. My goal was to catch their logi before they could get setup. Another mistake: the highest threat they had was their Kirin. Their Kirin would go on to break our logi cap chain and lead to them dying well before their time. Breaking 1 Osprey is easy. I also left our Sabre on grid. I should've had him cloak up/warp off. A Sabre was just going to be a juicy target, and bubbles weren't going to be important until the fight was near its end.

And then they came in. I'm planning on putting a video up for this fight.

(03:08:57) YHN-3K, 3GD6-8
Crow -41.31m
Condor -1.3m
Capsule -0.01m
Keres -52.26m
Sabre -85.99m
Osprey +19.7m
Hyena -33.24m
Impairor -0.01m
Osprey +19.46m
Osprey -18.24m
Slasher -7.19m
Caracal +14.46m
Osprey -14.96m
Caracal +33.11m
Caracal +37.61m
Caracal +35.49m
Caracal -11.65m
Caracal +27.88m
Caracal -25.62m
Caracal +30.09m
Capsule -0.01m
Caracal -11.85m
Caracal -26.1m
Caracal -13.83m

Our tackle was alpha'd off almost immediately. 1st Primary was Osprey 1, second was Osprey 2. Osprey 3 warped off. Kirin should've been our first target. Then we traded dps. I ignored their links/anchor (Cyclone) because of its bonus to self-reps. It was going to have one of the highest tank/dps ratios. We traded dps, and eventually they became the clear winners, so I warped our survivors off.

My anchoring, broadcasting, and personal piloting were pretty bad. Anchoring luckily didn't matter, as they went to 20km on us, and range doesn't really matter for missile fights. I was trying to broadcast targets, but the 1 target broadcast per 5seconds or whatever was killing me. I was trying to call the fleet to lock up 2 things at a time, so generally only one would get broadcast. Personal piloting was pretty bad; I was trying to use hotkeys to fire my missiles, but my missiles were on the wrong hotkey for the first half of the fight. Means I wasn't sure where the rest of the fleet was on reload cycles for the entire fight.

On our flight back, NSS brought out some supers. We just freeburned home and none of them caught us.

ISK Destroyed: 217,811,264.33
ISK Lost: 343,561,305.14
ISK Delta: -125,750,040.81
Efficiency: 38.8%

Urban Oxide


Assistant Campus Manager
Assistant Campus Manager

Post 2019.03.09 10:23

Re: [AAR] Thursday Things 3/8

Looks like a really fun fight.

Budda Sereda



Post 2019.03.09 13:43

Re: [AAR] Thursday Things 3/8

Archemide: you sounds depressed, i'd say please don't! In a retrospective, you found quite a good fight. What matters is that you found it and let everybody a chance to master skills! Keep learning and teaching!
From some kills I see that Brave did not overform you much, I'm surprised, as often they do.

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