[RECURRING CLASS] Fitting Workshop - Roughly every fortnight

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Kyle Hargrove



Post 2019.03.08 09:06

[RECURRING CLASS] Fitting Workshop - Roughly every fortnight


Many EVE players think that ship fitting is a game of its own. Well, I agree. Fitting is complex, but also stimulating, nuanced and just so much fun if you're anything like me. And chances are that if you're playing EVE Online, you're at least somewhat like me. Sorry about that.

This is not your run-of-the-mill class.

In this class, we only have a short 10-minute "lecture". In the segment, I present one advanced concept involving ship fitting (which one? you'll need to attend: it changes every time ;) ).

Then, the class becomes much more free-form: I will (hopefully) be joined by a co-instructor, and we'll propose you some "fitting challenges" to flex your theorycrafting muscles.

Some fitting challenges are more like "exercises", where you need to find the solution to a problem that we'll give. The solution might be to use good fitting practices... Or totally unorthodox ones.

Most challenges, however, are in the form of "how would you solve this problem?". Here, the goal is just to come up with something, and discuss why and how you got to that choice. We all learn from each other, and usually even me and the other instructors gain new knowledge!

How many challenges we'll do is up to you and how the discussion goes, but usually we do five or six, and we have a library of more than 40 (and growing!). You can also bring your own fitting challenge that we'll add to the library, so I guarantee that this won't be repetitive...

Be advised: This is an advanced class, and one that relies heavily on direct participation of attendees. It is not the goal of this class to teach you how to fit your shiny new ship, at least not directly. If you just want to listen in, you're more than welcome, but I encourage you to try and participate. The environment will be very inclusive, and if you were to just listen, you'd mostly hear the sound of churnin' neurons while people are fiddling on PyFa.

Essential Details
  • Instructor: Kyle Hargrove
  • When: RECURRING! Next class is on 2019-03-24 19:30 EVE Time
  • Duration: Between 1.5 and 2 hours
  • Location: Docked up in station

Class overview
  • 5' - Introduction
  • 10' - One "advanced" fitting topic
  • ~75/90' - Fitting challenges (see above)

Student requirements
  • Public Mumble registration and access
  • Access to the 'Class (EVE Uni)' in-game chat channel
  • Good familiarity with ship fitting and the ship fitting process
  • Good familiarity with PyFa or other fitting tool (I'll be using PyFa though)

Additional notes
This class normally runs on the EU and AU TZs, roughly every fortnight (that means every two weeks!). I'll try to schedule the EU classes at times/days where the US people can also attend, but that won't always be possible. If you miss a class, don't panic! A new one is likely to be not too far away. If you want to request a class or a specific topic, please do so and I'll try to accommodate!

If you like theorycrafting and want to host or co-host this type of class, let me know and I'll be happy to have you as my co-host or help you with your own setup. Also, I'm bad at Photoshop, so if you have a better idea for the class logo, you're more than welcome to help.

Should you have any other questions, ask away in this thread!

Hope to see you there! :D

Kyle Hargrove



Post 2019.03.08 09:07

Re: [RECURRING CLASS] Fitting Workshop - Roughly every fortnight

Next class will be on 2019-03-24 19:30 EVE Time!

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