[AAR] Sharing the Love- Ventures

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Psychotic Fickity


Assistant Events Manager
Assistant Events Manager

Post 2019.02.14 05:07

[AAR] Sharing the Love- Ventures

Roam members (18)
Atticus Vex - Condor
Dimas Black
Ergan Eto - Venture
Fergus Echerie
Helen Dorothy Sharman - Venture
Kelle Damage
Korm Rayh - Venture
Leech Locke
Malus Pandus - Venture
Max Tsero
Metti ar Virksen
Psychotic Fickity - Venture
Tau Hopper - Venture
Turlough Dominian - Tristan
Z0X Ambrye - Gallente Shuttle, Executioner
manda doomsslayer

Kills and Losses

(00:29:01) Ostingele
Gallente Shuttle -0.02m
Capsule -0.01m

(00:49:03) Abune
Venture -3.2m

(00:57:47) Ouelletta
Coercer +11.9m

(01:55:01) Agoze
Venture -3.4m
Venture -5.04m
Venture -5.65m
Venture -3.38m
Venture -4.48m
Venture -3.37m

(02:03:31) Agoze
Thrasher +9.47m

ISK Destroyed: 21,362,035.58
ISK Lost: 28,557,304.89
ISK Delta: -7,195,269.31
Efficiency: 42.793%

Our first desto was Old Man Star, we had 2 scouts at first, in ventures, then we had others join us along the way, and came in more tackle ready ships.We ended up in Tama as well, but still found little content. Atticus Vex even helped us find a Wormhole to play in and no one was home, but our group of ventures..
I have an understanding with a member of our final combat group, where if I ever want a fight, they are willing to give it to us. So, to get a fight to make it an official Venture fleet, I messaged the person and they brought 2 Dessies.

While, we didnt end the night isk Positive ( which i knew we likely wouldnt) I learned that TIME ZONES plays a big part of scheduling a fleet.
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Fleet Command Course Manager
Fleet Command Course Manager

Post 2019.02.14 14:19

Re: [AAR] Sharing the Love- Ventures

So glad to see you take out a pvp fleet here. Well done.

Tau Hopper



Post 2019.02.14 16:28

Re: [AAR] Sharing the Love- Ventures

You promised we would die laughing, and we ended up going down with a smile.

So I would say the fleet met its expectations... and we even scored a couple of kills: success! :)
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Turlough Dominian


Director of Special Projects
Director of Special Projects

Post 2019.02.14 16:43

Re: [AAR] Sharing the Love- Ventures

My fav part of the fleet was when I did a little bit of scouting for the fc and i call out i found a Coercer :D
Turtle: fc i found a Coercer
Turtle: fc letting you know im gonna tackle it
FC: why why would you do thatt
Turtle: fc not sure but im gonna do it
FC: ok fleet get on the gate and be ready
Turtle : turtle has point save me
Turtle: o God it hurts save me i got point still
Fc: warp off if u can
Turtle: I can't fc i am compelled to stay to bitter end must try get corpse

It went something like that i think was all a blur that 500+ dps destroyer had me in 22% structure

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