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[AAR]Impromptu Fleet, Black Rise 02/10/2019

[AAR]Impromptu Fleet, Black Rise 02/10/2019

Fleet members:
Abraham Schereau, Griffin
Ged Sinak, out comms
Ithugor Wells,
Kerrigan Uzamaki, Tormentor
Lexi Dignity, Tristan
Lucia en Cedoulain,
Neemo Beer,
Satoshi Tomeii, Merlin
Space Warfare Development, Merlin

Nennemaila. A Vexor was tackled in a small outpost. The fleet engaged the Vexor's drones first. The Vexor repeatedly launched and pulled in its drones, which made targeting difficult. The Vexor had very strong armor repair modules. Several of the Vexor's drones were in armor and hull, but the fleet lost several ships. The Vexor's ehp was down to 40% armor and repairing before the fleet scattered.
0333 Kill: Abraham Schereau (Griffin)
0334 Kill: Satoshi Tomeii (Merlin)
0334 Kill: Lexi Dignity (Tristan)
0335 Kill: Kerrigan Uzamaki (Tormentor)
0336 Kill: Space Warfare Development (Merlin)
0337 Kill: Neemo Beer (Federation Navy Comet)
0341 Kill: Neemo Beer (Merlin)

Ichoriya. The fleet regrouped and reshipped in Ichoriya.
0346 Ichoriya V - Caldari Navy Logistic Support

Kedama. A Slasher was tackled, engaged and destroyed at an acceleration gate.
0406 Kill: Vassago Athonille (Slasher)

Tama. The fleet engaged two Retributions inside a complex. The Retributions destroyed the scout. The fleet was unable to tackle the Retributions, they kited at range, and warped off.

0430 End of fleet.
0538 Manual report submitted. My computer did not generate a chatlog-ticket submitted to CCP. The chatlog was emailed over, but the fleet AAR tool did not process the chatlog.

Good stuff.
Nice impromptu fleet. Pilots from several campuses showed up for the roam. Good content was found.

Bad stuff.
Ships were lost. FC callouts were a little rushed.