Post 2019.02.10 19:02

Psycho Small Frigate Roam-Impromptu

So, I decided to take a few people out and do a lowsec roam. Nothing special. Just bring your favorite frigate.
We headed to Old Man Star.
Turtle was my +1 and we were unable to jump to him and slide gate before he went down. When we landed on grid with the guy who took him down, i burned towards him to kill him but he warped off.

Roam members (3)
Philos Aideron
Psychotic Fickity- Kestrel
Vulcan Rin-
Jessica Farrish- Condor
Turlough Dominian - Tristan, Federation Navy Comet

Kills and Losses

(04:09:44) Agoze
Tristan -5.92m

(04:31:34) Indregulle
Tristan +1m

(04:39:16) Old Man Star
Tristan +10.3m
Capsule +0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 11,308,938.02
ISK Lost: 5,919,750.94
ISK Delta: 5,389,187.08
Efficiency: 65.64%
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