[AAR] Golden Horde Punishers 09 feb 1900

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Drault Sarn



Post 2019.02.09 22:54

[AAR] Golden Horde Punishers 09 feb 1900

Roam members (13)
Ann'Dra Padecain
Demei Preldent - Punisher
Drault Sarn - Punisher
Ged Sinak - Punisher, Atron
Grygr Anzomi - Punisher
Jeffrey Fuzzlewumper - Inquisitor
Ky Hanomaa - Punisher
Mongo the Mechanic - Punisher
Seco Brinalle - Punisher
Seleena Sarum
Shieva Ann - Punisher
Vetch Benderesk - Crucifier
Z0X Ambrye - Executioner

Kills and Losses

(20:12:20) Iralaja
Executioner -6.37m
Lost Executioner going for tackle in a combat site on an Ishtar we had vanguard but rats to much damage maybe avoid going to site with big rats fleet warped off we would of had to chase Ishtar and contend with rats and nasty drones
(20:22:19) Innia
Vexor +72.91m
scout caught vexor no issues vexor died.
(20:33:25) Akidagi
Punisher -9.47m
Punisher -9.44m
Retribution +63.69m
Punisher -9.57m
Inquisitor -5.84m
Punisher -5.79m
Punisher -9.45m
Punisher -10.7m
Harpy enyo tristan retribution at complex we got retribution and pod almost got harpy we lost a logi and were taking serious damage called scatter maybe we could of taken harpy ?
(21:16:45) Fliet, Nagamanen
Velator +0.01m
Federation Navy Comet +26.48m
Capsule +50.33m
while scout down backup with only a web caught a comet and blingy pod
(21:28:25) Tama
Imperial Navy Slicer +27.33m
scout caught slicer then we went inside novice and waited for rest reship.
(21:33:58) Kedama
Executioner -6.5m
ok 2 frigs inside plex and svipul outside scout took svipul and died others about to chase i called them back went in plex they were gone we should of slid plex ignored svipul since it at range.
(21:44:40) Elunala
Punisher -9.25m
navy slicer kited killed scout and warped off cant chase kitey ships in punishers also sometimes warp to the scout is long distance maybe scout needs to carry self reps for the extra few sec Survivability
(21:57:37) Okkamon
Crucifier -0.95m
Thrasher +11.12m
scout grabbed a thrasher and fleet warped in scout died to thrasher vexor Hyperion and retribution landed I called scatter mongo stayed and killed thrasher then escaped to sun almost got caught but he killed thrasher.
(22:05:44) Rakapas, Hikkoken
Punisher -9.04m
Punisher -10.91m
Punisher -5.59m
Punisher -8.68m
Capsule -0.01m
by then we were down a logi and a couple others tried to take an assault frig flashy on gate but his friends came and well with no logi :) figured we could try
ISK Destroyed: 251,872,114.38
ISK Lost: 117,563,853.23
ISK Delta: 134,308,261.15
Efficiency: 68.177%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)was more willing to take fights. we were ISK positive.we had fun.
    (Negative stuff) some confusion on FC part at times forgetting to warp self calling targets fast enough. others caught in warp tunnel. scrammed gate yet again.with bigger numbers and more logi could of taken fights on gates of non flashy confusion after leaving tama as FC though he had route planned and it didn't show right will set smaller way points and keep list of systems.
    overall went well.
    thank you for everyone showing up well done 8)

    Will edit for Grammar and positioning very soon Rough Draft

    I was asked to explain my " Stream-of-conscious " will do my un varnished opinion without any Malice towards others.
    1st Punishers have 2 glaring issues lack of scram web or point cant have 2
    2nd slow very slow so kitty stuff pick us off even at 20 km away some frigs and T3 desi can pull range fast and wreck us.
    What I do want to do is provide fun, content, and try to minimize losses.
    I have been on a lot of fleets and seen whelps that resulted in decent exchange of ships.
    I have also been on fleets where we should not of taken the engagement or broken off a lot sooner.
    Others may have more experience or be "blood thirsty" or not care how much ISK is spent on ships they only care about current engagement and "tunnel vision" sets in.
    Scouts over riding the FC and saying I can take this may work sometimes and may not on others.
    I do find it frustrating when this occurs. No matter what if FC calls an order please do it. Unless you are tackled or you are not catching enough reps to survive. If you need to warp off do so do not wait for the FC to call it.
    Changing Target mid stream to get a juicy kill can and does at times backfire and you lose ships and the target in the plex such as she svipul on the plex gate 20 off and the 2 frigs in the plex. This resulted in loss of a ship needlessly and we could of gotten one inside and not lost any. Svipul was in travel mode and can switch that very fast and kite away even at just outside point range.
    As with taking the Ishtar in the plex that should of been a no go due to the large number of rats inside and the close proximity of the Ishtar to the rats . Again lost scout and we could not get there to support without severe loss to near by rats.

    With the 3 assault frigs we attacked we managed to kill the retribution but the harpy was well tanked. When other ships warped in I called scatter yet again more arguing to stay.
    With the thrasher we lost the scout but yet again other ships warped in and one said I'm staying and taking thrasher. He warped off after to sun and almost got caught.

    Harpy on gate should not of been taken as the others came in same bunch and blew us up that one we should of just jumped thru and carried on.

    What I need to do at start of fleet is ask everyone to follow FC instructions and have scout call the ship at gate and make a snap call such as he says T3 and range or instruct to only grab something he can point and web especially kitting ships

    FC needs to set the tone and pace and maintain control from start to finish I did not do this and allowed control to be taken by scout and others.

    Make sure prep is done create some safes.

    Also make sure whole route is flyable. destination and way points.

    There is a fine line of when to whelp and when not. When to take a fight and when not. This is where I failed.

    Maybe its time to dust off the tanker jacket and the black tanker beret and get in the groove of command and stop being one of the "bros" and lead

    Fleet Command is about leadership not about fitting in.

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Fleet Command Course Manager
Fleet Command Course Manager

Post 2019.02.10 03:35

Re: [AAR] Golden Horde Punishers 09 feb 1900

Wow Drault... sounds like a fleet with a lot of action.
But it's really hard to read this and figure out what is happening at each engagement when you write stream-of-conscious like your other thread.
Could you edit into this and expand on the explanations a bit?

Ann'Dra Padecain



Post 2019.02.10 07:00

Re: [AAR] Golden Horde Punishers 09 feb 1900

I was logi who dropped off halfway. Too much lag leaving me sometimes 2 systems behind fleet - a little pointless when logi. :) Then socket-error as fleet warped to complex in Akidagi, leaving the fleet with single logi going into that fight. Restart of routers, access-point etc did not improve situation.
My comments:
Thanks for making effort to arrange a fleet.
Form-up a little slow for my liking, while waiting for incursion class to finish.
Overall pace to move was good. Perhaps try and be a little more consistent to either each warp their own or fleet-warp.

I was looking forward to trying a bit more manual positioning in squishy logi ship. Pithy tech did not play along.

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