[AAR] NoP Monday Night Roam 02/05/2019

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Satoshi Tomeii



Post 2019.02.06 01:30

[AAR] NoP Monday Night Roam 02/05/2019

Very excited to have 40 fleet members which is a record for NoP during the last 1.5 years in which I have attended. Thanks to everyone who came, and to my fleet mentors, as this was my mentored fleet. Mentors were Archemide, Ged Sinak, Conci Furiram and Coaxster.

Roam members (38)
Acoustyk - Merlin
Archemide - Merlin
Atticus Vex - Kestrel
Bethany Cartharsis - Merlin
Caladius - Merlin, Condor, Federation Navy Comet
Caleb Wihunglo
Clevin Reinaps - Merlin
Coaxster - Merlin
Conci Furiram - Merlin
Dragoon Oskold - Merlin
Drault Sarn - Merlin
Durnik Risalo - Merlin
Enigmatic Online - Merlin
Ergan Eto - Merlin
Etra Ellecon - Merlin
Fogsworth - Merlin
Ged Sinak - Vigil Fleet Issue, Merlin
Ithugor Wells - Merlin, Imicus
Jeffrey Fuzzlewumper - Atron, Merlin
John Parmelee - Burst
Johnathan Bolt
Kelle Damage - Merlin
Ky Hanomaa - Griffin, Merlin
Leech Locke - Merlin
Meliodas Zateki - Merlin
Neemo Beer - Merlin
Penelore - Merlin
Poul Vynneve - Merlin
Random Boar - Merlin
Raptor Conn - Merlin
Rayanth - Merlin
Satoshi Tomeii - Merlin
Talon Mayaki - Merlin
Teleb K'aarna - Merlin
Tokumei Kumiai
Z0X Ambrye - Executioner
jammer Atruin - Burst

Kills and Losses

Right as we formed up, there were 2 Vexors and one other ship which I don't recall, ratting nearby. We moved quickly, but were only able to catch one Vexor as our timing on the gates was a bit off. We were one jump out, and Vanguard headed in, but did not quite all warp together. A bit hasty due to form up, but happy to have a quick and easy kill.

(02:34:22) Iges
Vexor +10.72m

We went into OST, and the scout reported a complex group (Drekavac or 2, Stiletto, Bifrost, and more) fighting on a POCO. We made haste once again, hoping to third party some shiny kills. When arrived, whatever fight must have finished and we were kited by those same shiny ships. We chased them for farther than we should have, and were picked off. If we had been able to scram or web something, we would have made our ISK back, but after bleeding 10+ ships, it was time to go. I went down, and luckily it was right near Stac, with plenty of contracts, so we all reshipped.

(02:41:07) Ostingele
Merlin -12.12m
Merlin -7.97m
Griffin -1.24m
Atron -10.63m
Merlin -12.17m
Merlin -12.09m
Vigil Fleet Issue -27.31m
Merlin -11.94m
Merlin -12.12m
Merlin -3.29m
Merlin -4.18m

Once we got everything together, we headed back out on our more typical route. There was an Ashimmu with perhaps one other ship in a medium plex. Scouts went in with Vanguard, and got tackle. We lost one Vanguard, the other ships got away, but we got the Ashimmu.

(03:04:39) Vlillirier
Merlin -6.96m
Ashimmu +119.73m

At this point, things were starting to move quickly. We caught a Cormorant in a plex and dispatched him. Afterwards, there was a small gang of about 8 frigates, not flashy. They were mostly Merlins and such. I debated what to do about the non-flashy issue as we were on the gate. We ended up having a crazy brawl with all of us on both sides of the gate between Pavanakka and Aivonen. We lost some newbros to gate guns - the procedure of bouncing was explained, but I can speak from experience to say that you have to try it a time or two before you have it down. For whatever reason, they basically stuck around long enough for us to eat them up...nom nom nom. We got around 6 out of 8 of them, but did lose a few of our own. Fun was had.

(03:19:01) Innia, Pavanakka, Aivonen
Merlin -7.08m
Condor +0.94m
Merlin -3.91m
Merlin -6.54m
Cormorant +12.15m
Tristan +1.1m
Kestrel +2.92m
Tristan +3.03m
Merlin -3.93m
Condor +0.89m
Merlin +1.61m
Incursus +2.57m
Merlin +1.6m

A few reshipped and we continued. Bonus kill by Coaxster who managed to catch a Prowler as he was warping off a gate. Bad move by him, good times for us. That one was gravy.

At this point it was getting late, so we wanted to go to Tama and get dirty. On the way, intel was called for a few Drekavacs on a gate. Some were flashy, some not. In haste, we basically blind warped to them. A bit too hasty. There was more stuff on the other side of the gate, and they were no fools, they crashed gate to get out. I was hoping if we could isolate one of them, we could blap. In the chaos, I called a non-flashy target. I started taking gate guns, and warped out. Others were not so fortunate. We lost more ships than we should have on this engagement.

(03:50:27) Nennamaila, Pynekastoh, Hikkoken, Tama
Condor -7.48m
Prowler +242.52m
Merlin -3.89m
Merlin -7.02m
Merlin -3.9m
Merlin -5.63m
Merlin -8.26m
Merlin -3.83m
Merlin -7.02m
Merlin -3.91m
Merlin -12.11m
Merlin -12.11m
Merlin -4.62m
Merlin -6.91m
Merlin -3.88m
Capsule -0.01m
Federation Navy Comet -21.31m
Capsule -0.01m
Merlin -3.88m
Capsule -0.01m

Once in Tama we poked around for good fights. Our scout died to station campers. Having died the same way a few days prior, I can say to watch out for that - I know it is a thing, but I guess it is a popular pastime these days. We bounced in and out of a safe, and found and Armageddon outside the novice. Once we landed, more friends joined for the party. We initially switched to target a Hawk. We were not making much progress on him, so I called to go back to the Armageddon. If we had stayed on the Hawk we may have broken his tank - he had used at least 3 charges on his ASB.

At this point, we died in a blaze of glory. Hopefully everyone had a good time.

(04:18:11) Tama
Merlin -6.94m
Merlin -3.27m
Burst -5.24m
Merlin -2.51m
Merlin -8.34m
Merlin -8.73m
Merlin -18.66m
Merlin -5.04m
Capsule -0.01m
Federation Navy Comet +28.65m

ISK Destroyed: 441,008,203.17
ISK Lost: 330,101,365.26
ISK Delta: 110,906,837.91
Efficiency: 57.191%

Overall evaluation
    I had a great time. Largest fleet that we have seen in a bit. Some of those fights should have been avoided, and scatter could have been called earlier as well a few times. It was honestly a bit wild as NoP goes. I neglected to mention Analiese shadowing us a bit and picking off at least one person...typical lowsec hazards.

    (Positive stuff)

    The fight with the frigates on gate was crazy, but stayed in control. This was partly due to the experienced players straddling the gate and bouncing multiple times. While bouncing, I asked Archemide to call targets which I felt like a good move - I could not see what was going on. We got some regular old ganks, and even the shiny Ashimmu. The Prowler was a bonus.

    (Negative stuff)

Calling the fight in a complex fight is complex - no surprise. I am feeling like this just takes experience. Having reflected on this AAR, I think I know most of where I went wrong and will do better next time. There is a fine line between being aggressive, moving fast and welping, or being cautious, moving slow and missing kills. The more situations we are in, the more able to read the intel, and format an effective response. There is certainly feedback on things that I have missed, and I welcome everyone to post about it - I have no doubt that you will.

Thanks again to everyone who came!




Post 2019.02.06 02:18

Re: [AAR] NoP Monday Night Roam 02/05/2019

Yeah good newbie fleet turnout.

The OST fight was against RK, who is famous for kitey bling nonsense. Even if you landed on them at 0, they'd be out of scram/web range before you could lock. Or if you got lucky, they'd slingshot back out of range. It's what they live for and they (sadly) are good at it. They hate me with a passion (they all locked me up as soon as I landed) and I thought I could drag them into us with my charm, but no go (as I said, they are good at it).

That nasty drekavac fleet was unkillable (they even had a zarmazd); as soon as it was called (15 Tri ships at least in total), a scatter was in order, but you kept trying to kill something on the other side of the gate.

Both engagements are lessons in actual vs paper dps. Or as kelon puts it: range control (which is what most fights come down to). When you come through a gate, you are scattered around a 35 km bubble so it takes time to get w/in blaster range. And if something moves faster than you, that'll never happen.

Overall good fleet though. Called clear orders, repeated them, and usually used the names of things. See ya next time!

--- FCC Graduate! EUNI Graduate! ---

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Clevin Reinaps



Post 2019.02.06 04:40

Re: [AAR] NoP Monday Night Roam 02/05/2019

Here's my perspective as someone's who's brand-new to the game (character ~96 hours old), new to corporations ( ~23 hours in EVE University), and first-time fleet participant:

I had fun!

On my end, my preparation was rushed--I was queued to finish Caldari Frigate I and Jury Rigging I at exactly 2:00 (the meet-up time of the fleet).
I was late to grab a contract (first time using contract system), since I couldn't really decide if I should go with the Merlin BLAP T1 or the Newbro Gallente Tackler contracts. I was as newbro as it gets, after all, so which one to pick?

I grabbed a Merlin contract but since I was late, I was also late to notice my skills for Power weren't high enough to power everything... 2 minutes out to departure and I didn't have a solution yet (bought a compact shield extender as suggested by someone else, but I failed to notice that compacts were already fitted from the contract). "Undock, undock, undock" and in the meanwhile I'm loading ammo and making sure all fittings are online the best I can (since I was playing around with what to offline from the power issue). Everyone's FC-warped off as I'm undocking, and then I realized I hadn't bought insurance yet. I just missed the undock abort, kicked myself a bit, and re-docked for platinum insurance. Finally, undocked and off I went, as the fleet's already 2 systems out. I was able to catch up just fine.


On the FC's end of things, I felt your newbro speech was great. I have a page-worth of notes jotted down just from the speech. I've read up on The Rookie's Guide to Fleet Ops and the transcripts of Fleets 101 earlier in the day, and I felt you went over all the major points clearly and concisely. I learned a lot too, hearing someone explain the concepts and adding their own very useful tidbits really goes a long way.

Throughout the mission you were clear with where we were going, what the current orders are, and what's about to happen next. As a first-timer I can't express enough how useful that was for me.


During the fleet, 95% of the time I was able to keep up with what was happening--never missed a FC-aligned-warp, always able to identify the primary target, and was never left behind at a gate/engagement. The other 5% of the time, I misclicked to jump a gate instead of orbiting (kicked myself again, but held cloak until fleet followed through). I accidentally warped to a station at 0 during a scramble (instead of a million other safer possibilities). And I accidentally scrambled another time (after hearing the vanguard call scramble--but not the FC; we were still at the out gate of the previous system).

I briefly heard the explanation of avoiding gate guns as we took on the AFK Condor (hit once, warp out, warp in). So in my newbro wisdom, I shot at the Condor 5 times thinking "Those guns are busier than to deal with me" and by the time my shields were down, getting my un-aligned ship to warp out simply wasn't gonna happen. Out of all the ways I've gotten my ship destroyed, this was the dumbest. It was also my first. Needless to say I learned a lot from the experience. After losing the most-expensive ship I've ever flown trying to destroy an AFK Condor, I made my way back to Stacmon in my pod safely and decided not to re-ship--I could hear things starting to go south for the fleet.


So, I had fun!

It was a bit discouraging not to die in actual combat, but lessons were learned nonetheless. I feel a lot of my mistakes could be alleviated with attending classes (it's hard when you've only been around for a day!), but also more time with game, more confidence in my own abilities, and less stress during whole ordeal.

I apologize for not being able to comment on composition or tactics or the more nitty-gritty aspects. (After all, it was just today that I found out what a "Merlin" was!)

Thank you FC and everyone else for a great first experience! I'm looking forward to the next one.


Here's what I learned as a newbro during the fleet that I didn't come across anywhere else or in any guides (that I've read):
  • Sort your overview by Name. I was used to having it sorted by distance, but I never realized the difference it would make to finding what the FC is pointing out.
  • RAPIDS - Rename. Ammo. Paste. Insurance. Drones. Safety to yellow. It's a to-do list for everything you should to before departing. Write it down and stick it on a wall. It's what reminded me to go back and grab insurance.
  • Dealing with gate guns - plan ahead where you're going to warp to, and align to it first. Then target, aim, shoot once, and warp out. Repeat.
  • When there is a yellow box around on an enemy signal, that means the enemy is targeting you. When every enemy symbol has a yellow box, that means broadcast for reps immediately, do not wait because you're about to get smacked.
  • It's all about having fun, and working together--don't stress out or you'll hamper both.

Sorry for the long read. Thanks again everybody.

Satoshi Tomeii



Post 2019.02.07 00:20

Re: [AAR] NoP Monday Night Roam 02/05/2019


Thanks so much for your post. Glad you had fun. I appreciate your detail - this means you are really thinking about what is going on. You are certainly going to be successful if you are putting this much effort into it.

Keep an eye on the calendar, we run these fleets very often, and will continue to do so. I have only missed one or two of them in my entire Uni career, and I intend to keep it that way. It would be great to see you in fleets again. You will be kicking butt in no time. :D

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