[AAR] Kitchen Sink Frigates (aka Where scouts go to die)3Feb

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Auric Fulcrum



Post 2019.02.04 14:05

[AAR] Kitchen Sink Frigates (aka Where scouts go to die)3Feb

Roam members (12)
Asuka Rossi - Griffin
Atticus Vex - Kestrel
Auric Fulcrum - Federation Navy Comet
Drault Sarn - Federation Navy Comet, Incursus
Kabal Vaille - Punisher
Kelle Damage - Incursus
Kirsi Isrik - Merlin
Lariox TheGreat - Atron
Mandapochefe Venture - Tristan
Meliodas Zateki
Z0X Ambrye - Garmur
manda doomsslayer - Merlin

Kills and Losses

(17:52:05) Vlillirier
Punisher -5.63m

The first of many scout losses was after we had been roaming for a bit and our scout found a Fed Navy Comet in a plex. He went in for tackle and this is where things went wrong. He called "I found him" which I interpreted as "I found which plex he's in and will try to grab him". What he meant was "I have point, please send help". After clearing up that misunderstanding I sent in the fleet, but the Comet managed to kill our scout and get out just after we landed.

(17:58:40) Nennamaila
Federation Navy Comet -21.8m

After a few jumps our interim scout found a Sunesis in a small and went in for tackle. Fleet went in, but our scout died during the 60AU warp we had to take, with the Sunesis barely getting out. I should have sent in someone as backup but wasn't aware that the warp would be this long. Following this fight, I established a vanguard to assist the scout with more dangerous targets.

(18:27:27) Pynekastoh
Incursus -4.59m

And yet again, another dead scout. This time to a Kestrel that was baiting for a Pilgrim outside of a plex. Engagedf the Kestrel, Pilgrim decloaked, neuted, blapped.

(18:33:27) Oinasiken
Venture +0.22m

Shortly after, we got our first kill of the evening! A completely empty Venture sitting outside of a medium plex. At that point I was feeling a bit bad for not being able to find us any content without getting our scouts killed, so I called everyone in on the poor guy and we blobbed him to death.

(18:39:40) Kedama
Algos +8.86m

There's not a lot to say about this one. Z0x joined us in a Garmur, found an Algos and managed to hold off on killing him until we got everyone on the kill, which marks the first "real" kill of this fleet.

(18:45:42) Tama
Condor +13.41m

After jumping into Tama a scout tackled a Condor, but killed it before the fleet could arrive.

(18:51:56) Kedama
Punisher -11.5m

This was a confusing one so I will try to describe what happened to the best of my understanding. One of our scouts called that he was getting aggressed by a non-flashy Hecate on a gate (we were flashy at the time). I called for the fleet to jump in to see what was going on. After quickly looking at our options for bouncing in order to survive gateguns, I decided to call scatter and told the aggressed scout to jump or warp off if possible. Sadly, he died while we were scattering.

Looking at the killmail, he was only getting damaged by gateguns, which confused my a bit. Here's my hypothesis on what actually happened: the Hecate yellow-boxed him and he decided to shoot it, which triggered the gateguns and prevented him from jumping to escape them. At first I assumed he was only getting damaged by the Hecate and was looking for a way we could kill him while his weapons timer prevented him from jumping, which would have been possible if we had warped to the -5 standing citadel next to the gate, but I missed that.

(19:07:41) Ikoskio
Incursus -4.58m

And because I hadn't lost enough scouts for one evening, here's one more. Scout found a Hookbill in a plex and warped in. An Astero decloaked and I sent the fleet in, hoping to arrive on time for once. Scout died while we were stuck in warp. The upside is that the killmail was somewhat amusing. You still had your Rigs in your cargohold, Drault :P

After moving up to Kinakka through highsec, I almost got a heartattack as about 25 Titans spiked the system :shock:

Shortly after that, we narrowly dodged a Command Destroyer / Kikimora gang that was moving into the Titans.

Sadly, there was no more content to be had in Black Rise and so I decided to take the fleet home, not finding anything on the way back.

ISK Destroyed: 22,489,939.51
ISK Lost: 48,106,103.25
ISK Delta: -25,616,163.74
Efficiency: 31.857%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    - Learned a lot about moving the fleet and keeping it together, as well as how, when and why to establish a designated vanguard
    - Learned about setting up a fleet and everything that goes with it
    - Got a lot better at making quick decisions
    - Got every non-scout back home intact
    - Lots of fun was had!
    (Negative stuff)
    - I need to post the Fleet at least a day in advance and need to put it in a better timeslot. Had some people come in who didn't even know it was happening
    - Unclear communication at times, need to stop stumbling over my own words
    - Need to make clear exactly what I expect people to do and how (for example: scout communication)
    - Lack of content is partially my fault, didn't engage fights we could have maybe taken for a fear of loosing more people
    - Need to improve newbro speech, forgot a few things and was pretty disorganised
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Drault Sarn



Post 2019.02.04 18:00

Re: [AAR] Kitchen Sink Frigates (aka Where scouts go to die)

ty for the fleet i was 2ic and back up scout sometimes yes scouts died and i was one of them x3

I need to call for back up sooner before sliding
have a repair module and point scram too close.

always make sure on reship you put rigs on
i had a blast ty very much

Glen Burney


Campus Manager
Campus Manager

Post 2019.02.04 19:19

Re: [AAR] Kitchen Sink Frigates (aka Where scouts go to die)

Good job, plus one millionteen for stepping up to FC some content!

Good also that you are starting to setup a vanguard, it can be very helpful in keeping your scouts alive. One thing I always tell my scouts: Better that you live and the target gets away, than you die and have to re-ship. AKA Rule #1: Don't Die.


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