[AAR] Curse Deployment - Thoraxes | 2019/10/14

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Post 2019.01.14 06:32

[AAR] Curse Deployment - Thoraxes | 2019/10/14

Roam members (11)
Archemide - Hawk
Caladius - Retribution
Conci Furiram
Drault Sarn - Punisher
Ged Sinak - Retribution
John Parmelee - Retribution
Kirsid Tannaway - Malediction
Neemo Beer
Penelore - Retribution
Satoshi Tomeii - Retribution
Z0X Ambrye - Stiletto

Kills and Losses

To begin with, I'd just like to say that every single one of your guys did an EXCELLENT job in this fleet. We were in a few complex engagements and every single one of you guys stepped up to the task. Thanks for making this fleet an awesome one!

Before the fleet started, I was scouting down in the V-3 area of Horde space. It looked like we were going to be able to have fun down there. This quickly changed when the locals decided to drop two chimeras on me as I was creating gate tacticals. On my way out I almost got smart-bombed to death at the same time. I decided that if we didn't have the numbers (15-20), I was gonna change the doctrine so we weren't gonna go roam in slow cruisers. Due to this, we switched into Retributions and I decided to run the fleet in a much more free flowing and quick style. Also, due to us being such a small gang I said for everyone to switch out one of their lows to a SAAR. The logi deacons are just way to expensive to lose on such a small gang sort of fleet and I wasnt gonna ask someone to buy a 110 mil Deacon just to lose it later.

At undock I decided to set the first destination as 2J-WJY. I hoped we were gonna get some response out of the locals as we were going through the F4R2-Q area. Previously, they had a battleship gang a jump out that I noticed as I was scouting the area before the fleet. As I moved the fleet into the area, my scout called that there was a Macherial sitting on one of tha gates ahead of us. I asked the scout to give a report of the other side of the gate before I called for him to engage just in case it was bait for a gatecamp. Surprisingly, there was nothing, but I kept it in the back of my head that there was gonna be another response due to the battleship gang I had seen earlier. As we agressed the Macherial, I kept one of my fleet members on the other side of the gate since it was so close into jump range and I was sure that it was gonna deagress. It did exactly that, and we were able to catch it on the other side. As the fleet was waiting out weapons timers, I got report that there was support for the Macherial landing on grid. Soon after, there was an entire fleet on the Macherial and I told fleet to align and warp to the ZXIC-7 gate. As we got some distance on the Macherial and the cruiser fleet that came to support it, I slowed down the fleet and recapped on the situation on hand. All in all, we lost our initial tackle that valiantly died so the rest of the fleet could get out; he soon reshipped and joined the fleet.

As we were escaping, I contemplating asking the fleet to go down into WQH-4K instead of going into 2J-WJY. I quickly vetoed that idea since I was unable to find a reasonable route back out of that pocket without going straight through Horde and the smartbombers I had seen earlier.

(02:54:12) F4R2-Q
Retribution -68.06m

Just a lone little Ares sitting on a gate that we just HAD to kill. At this point, I was employing a new tactic to have the fleet move as a quicker gang. Due to assault frigates being a very fast hit-and-run gang, I was having the fleet "freeburn" to our next desto. To keep the fleet together, I had everyone jump, align, then I fleet warped us. It ended up working very well and I hope it made the fleet a bit more exciting since we weren't taking so long to get from content area to content area.

(03:06:27) 2J-WJY
Ares +41.28m
Capsule +0.01m

After checking the WJ-9YO system, I decided to go on a whim and check out the N-8BZ6 pocket. It didn't look too active, but it was recommended by a fleet member to check the ice belt in there. Since there was nothing in the first system, I told my scout to check the A-VILQ system and HOLY he found and Orca and tackled it (Z0x, I don't usually mention scouts, but awesome job here!). I called fleet to warp to the Orca. I was nearly 100% sure that he was gonna have a cyno so I called to take down the two Covetors before anything else. And lo and behold, as soon as we got him into hull he lit a cyno. As the cyno went up I told the fleet to align to the N-8BZ6 gate so we could make a quick escape if something came through. Strangely though, nothing was coming out of the cyno. Due to this, I told the fleet to approach the Orca again so we could get max damage. As soon as we did this, a Lif came through and I told the fleet to warp and jump on contact the N-8BZ6 gate.

(03:19:26) A-VILQ
Covetor +33.9m
Covetor +36.29m
Capsule +6.18m
Capsule +66.51m

As we progressed through to Providence, I was told by my scout that there was a large Cerberus and Caracal gang on our outgate. Due to this, I turned the fleet around and we went into the H6-CX8 pocket chasing a sabre. As we got into the pocket, my scout notified me of a large enemy presence of assorted subcaps. I jumped the fleet into them and evaluated the situation. Once we broke gate cloak they all burned off gate and got the heck out. I told the fleet to warp to the outgate to try to bait them to warping back into their own bubbles thinking our fleet had moved on. As we landed on the outgate, one of mys scouts mentioned that he was tackled by two interceptors on the gate. I told the fleet to warp back and provide support. As we landed, a few other ships landed and soon enough there was a smathering of three different fleet all fighting each other. I quickly started calling primaries based off of what was close to us and how fast we could get it down. As we agressed, we lost a few members of the fleet as two enemy Hurrricanes warped on grid. I called new primary on the Hurricanes since they were beginning to very efficiently eliminate the fleet. In the end, we ended killing on of them in the process of killing other smaller ships. Due to the FC going down, my 2IC had to take over. He did an amazing job picking up and suddenly calling primaries for everyone to agress. Good job! In the end, only a few people got out and they flew over to the nearest highsec system(2j). This highsec system was going to be my escape route it things had gone south and they werent giving us a good fight. The ONLY reason I went into that pocket with that Caracal and Cerberus gang behind us was because of that escape route. To make sure there were no smart bombs, I had positioned one of my alts over there to make sure everyone would be safe to get out.

(03:38:41) D61A-G
Sabre +328.39m
Stiletto -50.35m
Malediction -55.28m
Retribution -69.9m
Hurricane +71.97m
Vengeance +51.72m
Eris +94.61m
Enyo +47.22m
Hawk -62.1m
Punisher -6.86m
Retribution -67.09m
Retribution -67.89m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Retribution -70.16m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 778,096,701.31
ISK Lost: 517,751,471.05
ISK Delta: 260,345,230.26
Efficiency: 60.045%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    - I was able to quickly and effectively get the fleet out of our first engagement without losing too many people.
    - I was able to call (what I believe were) the correct targets during our last engagement
    - I have the forethought to align the fleet out before the Orca went into hull.
    - The 'freeburning' method worked incredibly well and I am incredibly happy at the rate the fleet was able to move
    (Negative stuff)
    - I am sometimes hard-pressed to say my thought out loud in a coherent sentence when I am trying to do too many things at once.
    - I could have probably had the scouts burn tacticals for me on the last engagement so we could have controlled the engagement a bit better.
    - Possibly bringing a bubbler along next time would be good so we could have used defensive bubbles in the last engagement.

*Sidenote: I encorage FC's to scout out the area they are gonna fly in before the fleet if they are expecting PvP engagement. It it valuable to get gate tacticals and safes before you engage an enemy.
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Fleet Command Course Manager

Post 2019.01.14 21:44

Re: [AAR] Curse Deployment - Thoraxes | 2019/10/14

This was a very fun fleet Ged. Thanks for post.

On the orca engagement, good job switching to the covetors when you realized it was hull tanked.
Also great job being prepared for the cyno. Never fails...

Excellent job responding to the intel on the large response fleet. You quickly moved the fleet around another direction.

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