Post 2019.01.13 02:07

Re: [Event] Secret Valentine 2019

What you do in game?
Missions, Abyssal, Eve Uni Classes in prep for moving to PvP or NSC.
Indy, Science, & Mining with my Alt Above all making useful things that get used and making some profit on it even if it's small.

What do you not do in game?
Trade, Markets, drama, haulling unless I have to.

What is your favorite color?
GALAHAD: Blue. No yel-- Auuuuuuuugh! (You had to see the Monty Python response coming..)
Teal or Pink

What is your home campus?
HSC, looking to WHC or Solitude later.

What do you really want ( top 10 items) in game right now?
1) Some combination of 2, 7-10
2) Some customized skill queue advice for myself and my Indy Alt. To better improve my pew Pew and my indy respectively.
3) Eve-Uni Incursion Boat (I have Gall & Min BS, and Lrg Guns, but Sml missle)
4) Large skill injector(s) and advice on which skill to use it on for most bang for the buck.
5) Gall or Amarr ship that can do Abyssal L3
6) Nestor Chip (not the hull, just the chip so I can save it for later when I can fly it)
7) Indy Mentor for my Alt and actually make money without babysitting the market (did I mention i hate the markets)?
8 ) Add my Indy Alt to Uni and help moving all my crud to an appropriate campus that needs stuff made.
9) Capital Component BPO(s)
10) Customers for the above BPOs