[AAR] Police Comets

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Glen Burney



Post 2018.11.09 14:18

[AAR] Police Comets

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I was contacted late last night by Commandant Azmo Azmorsen, my bosses boss, about the situation in Black Rise, and more generally, all of GalCal FW. It was NOT a pleasant exchange. He basically ripped me a new one, a lot of cripe about "piracy" and "gankers" and "the hauling union" and "spoiled wine". Basically the governor of the Sector has been breathing down his neck, and "stuff" rolls downhill, you know? I had already settled into my nightly routine [a pile of improved exile and a full hold of exotic dancers], but Azmo said that if we didn't go out and "bring him some heads", that it would be MY head. Farkle.

So I made a call for all available officers. Code 420. We had to go out there and get some criminals, one way or another. And if we needed to get some "encouragement" from the "evidence locker", then so be it.

Kills and Losses

Before we even got started, there was an illegal gatecamp going on the Abune gate. Reinforcements were still on the way, but I saw that this Vexor Navy Issue was being harassed, and I needed to get a good start on our arrest stats:
(01:38:49) Heydieles
Vexor Navy Issue +69.06m

After we started, we did find some criminal activity in Kedama. Cuff em and stuff em.

(02:18:35) Kedama
Arbitrator +34.63m
Punisher +6.12m

Then, on the Tama gate, we found this Zealot sitting at my 100 ping. Luckily we were able to get the handcuffs on him and finish the job before he was able to engage in any more crimes. Note the drugs found in his hold. More drugs for me, errrr, I mean for the evidence locker!
(02:29:10) Kedama
Zealot +261.53m

Then we went up to Uuna by way of Akidagi. There were 2 highly illegal Brutix, and whats more, they were supported by something like 43 Exeqs. There's no way that our ragtag force of County Cops could go against these big-city boys, so we left them. They followed, but not before we found this extremely dangerous felon in Uuna. Look at that Pod! Maximum Security for you, bucko! LOCK HIM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY.
(03:09:47) Uuna
Dramiel +78.42m
Capsule +1318.87m

Our crime-fighting ran into some trouble shortly thereafter. I thought that these brutixes would be breakable with gateguns on our side, but I was VERY mistaken, and our boys in blue paid a price. Next time, we need a boosher. After I called scatter, first we tried to get tackle on an Oracle, but he was slippery. Then the Brutix gang did engage this Eos, and whoever was left helped finish him off. Very nice tank on that Eos, but eventually, they all realize that CRIME DOESN'T PAY.

(03:13:46) Uuna, 6-CZ49
Federation Navy Comet -27.19m
Federation Navy Comet -35.49m
Federation Navy Comet -20.46m
Federation Navy Comet -20.77m
Slasher -5.19m
Capsule -0.07m
Myrmidon +80.63m
Federation Navy Comet -24.63m
Federation Navy Comet -21.38m
Eos +658.68m

The force was a bit broken, so we radioed in. Commandant Azmo was pleased, but he said it wasn't enough, we needed to get back out there and crack some skulls. After getting fixed up, we found these SLACKERS, these NERDS, these HIPPIES, just hanging around a medium. I thought I saw one of them inject some exile, so we TOOK EM DOWN!

(03:47:24) Tama
Arbitrator +20.97m
Thorax +16.77m

We then followed the smell of blue pills to Nenn where indeed there were some punishers et. al. WOOP WOOP!
(04:03:06) Kedama, Nennamaila
Punisher +2.73m
Federation Navy Comet -28.42m
Punisher +5.11m
Capsule +0.82m

And then after a stop in the skum-den of Akidagi, a Myrm SHOT FIRST at our patrol officer, Xackattack! Officer under fire! Reinforcements came quickly, and we sent this guy to the slammer for a good long time.
(04:17:12) Nennamaila
Myrmidon +83.74m

Aaaand finally, I radioed in and got permission to stand down, but not before we finally got two more bad guys in Tama.

(04:28:40) Tama
Incursus +6.23m
Stabber Fleet Issue +78.52m

(somewhere in there we got this anathema, looking shady)


ISK Destroyed: 2,722,809,416.22
ISK Lost: 184,297,005.04
ISK Delta: 2,538,512,411.18
Efficiency: 93.66%

Another win for the big blue wall. Good job boys... I have unlocked the evidence locker, have at it!



Fleet Command Course Manager
Fleet Command Course Manager

Post 2018.11.13 00:07

Re: [AAR] Police Comets


Rose Alice



Post 2018.11.13 02:11

Re: [AAR] Police Comets

Good work on the amazing fleet. And loving the RP
Aspect to it as well.

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