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[AAR] BLAP Vexors Augorors! - 2018.11.03 @ 15:00

Roam members (7)
Daz Argentum
De W Javqe - Vexor
Devola Gestalt
Erwin Madelung
Kano Fiera
Kiuna McGullygosh

Kills and Losses

Black rise was quite quiet at that time. We did find some stuff, but missed many. When we went to Akidagi, we found a Garmur, Hurricane Fleet issue, and a... dan danana, a boosher. They tried to split us, and failed. A bit later, the boosher got 2 of us, and one of us, which was me, got blown up.

(16:14:16) Akidagi
Vexor -19.53m

After that I was gonna borrow Erwin's own vexor, and our 2IC got to try out FCing! But really, after that, not much happened, we tried to combat scan down a maller, but it turns out it was in a POS.

ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 19,530,555.26
ISK Delta: -19,530,555.26
Efficiency: 0%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    We got to have many newbros try roles!
    We got to see a boosher!
    (Negative stuff)
    We didn't get anything...
    The fleet was quite the mess. I'll try better next time.
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