Post 2018.10.11 02:32

[AAR] Satoshi Tomeii Solo Comp

I am a bit late to the party but here it goes:

Started out with some ships I had kicking around the hangar. I had two Kestrels, one of which was an odd fit I was playing with, and another that was left over from a fleet.

The first one I was playing around seeing if ECM would work as a mid slot. Not surprisingly, due to sub-par fits, poor tank and dps, and me not being such a great kiter, the Kestrels were lost.

Went out the next day with a Coercer. Once again it was kicking around the hangar and I wanted to fly it more - hadn't spent much time in it. The fit seemed pretty straightforward. Managed to get two kills with it separated by a few days.

The engagements were surprisingly similar. Saw a Catalyst on D Scan, pinned it down to the small plex. Warped in, Catalyst outside on the acceleration gate. Tackled them and let them up, they did not last long. Upon looking at their fits and their poor quality, it seemed apparent that they were either just in it for the LP, or newbros. Not so much skill on my part but just overwhelming force of superior fit and skills.

Immediately after I was feeling a bit cocky, and there was a frigate gang on a gate. I thought I would bait them a bit, but completely forgot that I was flashy - not good. They took me out relatively quickly, if I had reacted a little quicker to apply dps, I would have taken one of them with me. No more Coercer.

Part 2

Since I was enjoying the Coercer, decided to fit up another one. I have been getting sick of frigates anyway. Tweaked the fit a bit, and went back at it. Chased around some people but they did not want to play. Finally found some action in Asakai. There were four frigates on the acceleration gate to the small plex, seemed like too much, I warped off. Saw them again at the novice, decided to see who was outside. A few warped off, leaving a Punisher.

This guy was fast (relative to me) and tanky. He was also under my guns a bit and I was not applying well. At first, I just hit orbit and tried to overheat. It was a dps race. I was feeling a little sad that I was about to lose a destroyer to a frigate potentially. Near the end, I started manual piloting and basically zig zagging in front of him. This seemed to work, and I finally applied damage. I survived with 125 hp of hull left. Scary stuff, but think I learned some things in that situation. Got the kill so that is always great. Interesting fit posted below.

Well, the guy in the Punisher got his revenge. He was with an Incursus, who was originally alone, but playerfrank in the Griffin Navy Issue joined him.

I almost had the Incursus, and the Griffin jammed me. I switched to the Griffin, since we can target that person now due to recent ECM changes. Was doing good on the Griffin, but he started speed tanking me, and coulnd't hit him any more.

One good thing that I did was got some better short range ammo, if I had not, it would have been an even worse showing.

Part 3

So, I am not doing so well. I think it is a combination of things. I am a bit too eager to take a fight without really understanding the enemy. I am also not dictating range correctly.

If you look at my fit, I have short range ammo fitted, and a long point. I was fighting him too closely. Also, I have learned that Breachers love to scram/kite - I have a hard time against it.

This next one was similar in that I did not control range properly. I am brawly, and I think I had a scram at one point, but let him get out of range. I switched to long range ammo, and lost some time doing so. I landed a really good hit and almost had him, then burned out my guns :(

A bit of an embarassing loss, but you gotta learn somehow. Should have had that one.

Luckily this was another ship kicking around the hangar. We should retitle this "Clean Out Your Hangar" Comp.