Post 2018.10.09 05:15

[AAR] Bored Post Fleet (2018/10/08)

Well Satoshi Tomeii (Atron), Kirsid Tannaway (Corax), and myself (Atron) were bored post fleet and started zooming around low sec. Kirsid and myself were ears only while Satoshi had voice. Me and my Atron started zooming around looking for a Coercer. I eventually found it, webbed it for a couple of seconds while getting filled with holes and acted as perfect bait.

Unfortunately I could only type so loudly. Kirsid saw it right away and headed to help. Satoshi was still looking as we typed away in chat screaming for help, unable to hear the keyboard strokes that were the sound of my death. Luckily right as I went down Kirsid came in, did some DPS, and Satoshi eventually saw the flashy of his fleet chat and landed just in time to finish him off.

Marcus 5,467,819.79
Kirsid 7,992,243.54

Kill: Coercer 17,967,144.83

Learning: If you're ears only, you just have to remember that help is coming as soon as they can hear you... or read you... or whatever. Oh and Atrons make wonderful cannon fodder for a destroyer.

ISK Destroyed: 17,967,144.83
ISK Lost: 13,460,063.30
ISK Delta: 4,507,081.50
Efficiency: 57.17%
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