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[AAR] Vanguard Special Forces Roam 10/08/2018

[AAR] Vanguard Special Forces Roam 10/08/2018

This was a fun roam that had a bunch of kitchen sink setups. We had a great time going out and actually ended up with 2 engagements before the night was done and over with.

First happened after a complete trip almost from PC9 to low sec via Y9G to pick up Kirsid's Raven, then back the long way around through FD- to PC9. Along the way we came across a thrasher gang and the, then scout, Cynabal engaged and kept the thrashers engaged long enough for assistance to arrive. Fortunately, or unfortunately for some people, the Cynabal and its backup Vexor (jacob) were able to take out the fleet of thrashers, the Cynabal being saved at the last second by our hero logi Tassadar in a Scythe.

After getting home and a few people reshipping we went out again to find a fight and went back around the pipe the way we came, towards PF- using the Raven as bait. Lo and behold we came across a Legion, Gila, Moa, and Vigilant sitting on a gate camping it. Kirsid engaged and grabbed aggro. Once engaged the whole fleet jumped in. This caused their legion to light a cyno and have about 10 more ships being bridged in via Titan bridge, as a few more legions, onerios, exequoror, and various other support ships came through to the fight. Despite being vastly out numbers and out gunned, we still managed to take out the Vigilant, an exequoror and few other support ships before eventually succumbing to the full might of their fleet.

With the fleet lost, the total was added up and we looked at the score. Coming out on top, the kill of the Legion and Vigilant netted the fleet almost 900mil isk in kills alone, with our fleet taking roughly 450mil damage. By end of night all said and done we had turned the tide and netted over a billion in kills. Everyone used their ships effectively and properly, despite being in a kitchen sink, they piloted well. More fleets of these types will be taken out as it seemed everyone enjoyed being able to take whatever, from frigates to battleship, armor to shield, active to passive, nothing is off limits and people had fun!

Roam members (18)
Daz Argentum - Inquisitor
EBane Padecain
Eir Geiravor - Condor
Erasmus Himura - Garmur
Ged Sinak - Malediction
Jacob Velora - Vexor
Jolly Eginald - Griffin
Ker'Tesh Tarir - Ferox, Cynabal, Ashimmu
Kirsid Tannaway - Osprey, Raven, Coercer
Marcus Arilia - Talwar, Vexor
Neemo Beer - Ferox, Hecate, Rifter
Penelore - Purifier, Confessor
Planet Head - Raptor
Satoshi Tomeii - Ferox, Caracal, Coercer
Sone Eto - Atron
Space Warfare Development - Malediction
Stogal Severasse - Ferox, Arbitrator
Tassadar Gantrithor - Kitsune, Scythe

Kills and Losses

(02:05:09) PC9-AY
Bhaalgorn +364.78m

(03:38:36) F67E-Q
Thrasher +2.48m
Thrasher +2.49m
Thrasher +2.42m
Capsule +26.4m
Thrasher +2.48m
Thrasher +2.41m
Thrasher +2.5m
Capsule +0.01m
Capsule +0.01m
Capsule +0.01m
Capsule +0.01m

(04:33:41) PF-346
Atron -6.08m
Exequror +19.9m
Vexor +43.81m
Legion +507.8m
Capsule +0.01m
Griffin -8.67m
Scythe -17.25m
Purifier -52.58m
Vigilant +387.75m
Caracal -26.97m
Vexor -29.69m
Arbitrator -20.43m
Ashimmu -196.01m
Inquisitor -4.14m
Executioner +14.65m
Raven -197.27m
Capsule -0.78m

(04:55:47) PF-346
Rifter -15.44m
Deimos +309.12m

(05:07:24) Nisuwa
Coercer -21.16m

(05:32:18) Murethand
Crucifier +8.02m

ISK Destroyed: 1,697,052,842.17
ISK Lost: 596,474,765.62
ISK Delta: 1,100,578,076.55
Efficiency: 73.993%

Call outs!
Kirsid did great job in the last fight being tank and bait, performed very well. Logi HAVE to be called upon for coming out on a kitchen sink and saving several people from dieing. Despite this, I know Tass insta-melted once we jumped on the fight in PF-. Great job to everyone in fleet however for staying with the crazy calls, the random warps, and the fun times had in fleet!

Report Wrap Up!
SF Fleets have their place and I intend to take them out again. Twice over, in 2 different organizations its been proven to work and be effective to making people better pilots, enjoy the game more, and have more fun and camaraderie in game. There will be more to come!