[AAR] Vanguard Gate Camp 10/08/2018

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Ker'Tesh Tarir



Post 2018.10.09 01:43

[AAR] Vanguard Gate Camp 10/08/2018

[AAR] Vanguard Gate Camp 10/08/2018

Gate camp that went to MHC on the Harroule gate and camped it. Very boring for the first part, but got a few good kills and had some great fun! Ended in an engament with a Bhaalgorn that we killed with a flash form into ferox. Great times and great job by all pilots!

Roam members (20)
Atticus Vex - Kestrel, Talwar
CyberBlackEagle - Talwar
Daz Argentum - Talwar
EBane Padecain
Eir Geiravor - Merlin
Erasmus Himura - Garmur
Fenris Bloodbound
Ged Sinak - Malediction
Ker'Tesh Tarir - Talwar, Ferox
Kirsid Tannaway - Hawk, Osprey
Lanik Solette - Talwar, Deimos
Marcus Arilia - Talwar
Neemo Beer - Talwar, Ferox
Penelore - Talwar
Rrad Ekanon - Talwar
Satoshi Tomeii - Ferox
Sone Eto - Talwar, Atron
Stogal Severasse - Ferox
Tassadar Gantrithor - Hyena, Kitsune
Zako Maken - Prophecy, Talwar

Kills and Losses

(00:57:05) MHC-R3
Impairor +0.02m
Capsule +0.01m
Ibis +1.05m
Capsule +0.01m

(01:17:43) MHC-R3
Retribution +64.9m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant +0.01m

(01:33:21) MHC-R3
Hawk -59.73m
Talwar -10.54m

(01:39:34) MHC-R3
Merlin -4.15m
Talwar -8.82m
Capsule +0.01m

(02:05:09) PC9-AY
Bhaalgorn +364.78m

Call outs!
Tackle did a great job, we had some great people doing awesome engagements and grabbed what they could.

Report Wrap Up!
Talwars did their job great, big regional gate, and everyone did a great job staying aligned, getting dps on targets and tackle had only 2 misses on cloaked vessels. Great fun time, relaxed environment

Marcus Arilia



Post 2018.10.09 12:27

Re: [AAR] Vanguard Gate Camp 10/08/2018

To be honest, I wasn’t actually part of the gate camp. I just hopped on as the Bhaalgorn fight started and joined fleet to help out and managed to get in on the kill.
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