[FLEET] Impromptu Null-Sec Roam

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Ged Sinak



Post 2018.09.16 05:24

[FLEET] Impromptu Null-Sec Roam

Roam members (11)
Fenris Bloodbound - Cynabal
Ged Sinak - Blackbird, Griffin -> EWAR
Jackson Millenius - Hurricane, Stabber
Jacob Velora - Ferox
Ker'Tesh Tarir - Cyclone -> FC
Kirsid Tannaway - Osprey -> Logi
Neemo Beer - Hecate
Penelore -> Logi
Satoshi Tomeii - Sabre -> Scout
Space Warfare Development - Hyena
Tassadar Gantrithor - Muninn

Oftentimes, a few of us in the low-sec campus do little impromptu fleet. Usually, it's into Black Rise, but today we decided to try our hand at null-sec PvP. Initially, we started around Solitude since Ker'Tesh ran into a few Sabre's that he saw running around. A few of us shipped into DPS and EWAR and decided to engage. We came across two Brutix Navy Issues and decided to disengage. As we disengaged, we called on the folks in NSC to assist in bringing DPS. We went around that gatecamp and met up in PC9. After everyone was in their ships, we undocked and engaged. We used a Praxis as our bait since it was hull tanked as well as our bubbler to convince the enemy to engage. Eventually, they engaged and just as we started applying DPS a Revelation warped on grid. We decided to scatter due to the overwhelming nature of the fleet that responded.

After we deagressed into PC9, we went back out to go save Kirsid in his Praxis. He was all alone in a system and we decided on bringing a webber to ensure his safety in getting back to PC9. Once we were all safe in PC9, we undocked and headed towards Stacmon to pick some fleet members before he headed into null-sec.

Kills and Losses

(01:07:15) Y9G-KS
Blackbird -19.29m
Capsule -0.76m

(01:49:18) 97X-CH, M2-CF1
Ferox -80.12m
Cyclone -63.58m
Hurricane -76.02m

(03:17:28) BMNV-P
Caracal +40.29m
Moa +36.29m
Moa +35.91m
Capsule +0.01m
Capsule +0.01m
Moa +36.27m
Moa +36.26m
Capsule +0.01m
Moa +36.26m
Capsule +0.01m
Capsule +0.01m
Capsule +0.01m

Just a few jumps into null-sec, Satoshi reported a few people on d-scan. Eventually, a fleet of Moa's warped on grid and Satoshi bubbled then crashed gate. We went in as Satoshi jumped and quickly started applying damage. We were initially going to anchor on Ker'Tesh, but all of us ended up doing an amazing job at going straight to our optimal instead. As our first bubble went down, Satoshi did an amazing job at putting a bubble up on our enemy in the perfect place to catch our fleet. I'd also like to comment on the effectiveness of our logi at keeping everyone up and alive. Also, we had a griffin on grid that was applying jams on the primaries to help eliminate DPS off grid.

This fight was one of the best small fleet fights that I have ever seen. Everyone did exactly what they had to. The target calling was on point, the DPS was on point, the logi was on point. Everything worked out well and we ended up not loosing a single ship in the process.

(04:28:01) PF-346
Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I +0.94m

On our way back home, Satoshi bubbled a Wolf and we engaged on the other side. As we engaged, an entire fleet warped on grid and we chose to scatter. Most of us got out, but a few were caught unfortunately.

(04:33:17) Poitot, F67E-Q
Punisher +11.51m
Osprey -24.44m
Griffin -2.02m
Ares +45.75m

ISK Destroyed: 279,544,124.08
ISK Lost: 266,228,724.54
ISK Delta: 13,315,399.54
Efficiency: 51.22%
FCC Staff | Eve Uni Hauling

Retired Personnel Officer| Retired NSC Combat Officer | Retired Teacher


Satoshi Tomeii



Post 2018.09.17 18:24

Re: [FLEET] Impromptu Null-Sec Roam

That fight was THE most definitive victory in the 1 year plus that I have been playing. I don't think it had much to do with me, we just all got it done. Logi was probably more the deciding factor, there were reps going out every which way!

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