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[HSC] A Raid Gone Wrong

Today, I found a large Shadow Cartel mining fleet in a low-sec system, Loes (11 in total, 3 Porpoises, 3 Hulks and Covetors) and pinged k-space campuses for it.

Found a Shadow Cartel Moon Mining Fleet (Porpoises, Hulks & Covetors) nearby HSC. I need BLAP Vexors (6-7) + BLAP Augorors (2-3) and CovOps for BMing their locations for warp-in. Join Mumble to report in!

The plan was a bit easy but complex application. Edwin is with Helios and will bookmark the rocks they are mining and create an additional logi bookmark so the fleet members can warp to their assigned bookmarks and apply points (Each BLAP Vexor modified to have 2 Points, AB and a Scan Res. Scripted Sensor Booster) so we can tackle maximum number of vessels.

While we were forming we tried that in Amygnon a bit. Edwin created 3 BMs in an astreoid belt and members were assigned to specific bookmarks. IT worked and everyone warped their assigned BMs correctly.

Roam members (9)
Aeon Noblemagus - Augoror
Edwin Clough - Helios
Ersin Oghuz - Vexor
Gyrgon - Vexor
Jolly Eginald - Vexor
Kirsid Tannaway - Augoror
Minee Ze - Vexor
Stogal Severasse - Vexor
llanok Achasse - Vexor

Now we could do the same to the moon mining fleet. Edwin went to Loes and sadly he reported that there was no mining fleet. So they were gone. However I said to him that he could stay there cloaked and see whether they come back or not. And in the meantime we camp Jufvitte gate in Ouelletta. Safeties of course was set to yellow (partial safety).

A gang of Machariel, Bifrost came in we fired upon Bifrost, he jumped. Then we did the same to Machariel. He jumped as well. I warped the fleet to the gate tactical and in the meantime the gang was back. Bifrost burning towards us so we warped to Juf gate again and before he manages to warp back to gate, I said to jump in Jufvitte so we can take the fight in Hi-Sec without Bifrost booshing. And we did. Since we have limited engagement timers with both of them. We accepted the fight in Jufvitte at Ouelletta gate. A Deimos joined to fight on their side and since we were all suspects they could shoot us. I said all fleet to concentrate their firepower on Machariel. However some of our members could not engage them since they did not engage them in Ouelletta. So without informing they went to Red Safeties (No safeties) and that caused CONCORD on them out of nowhere. We lost two to CONCORD. And in the meantime we lost a logistics and that point I told everyone to scatter. Good fights exchanged and we docked in Jufvitte.

We lost 2 Vexors to CONCORD, 1 Augoror to Opponent Fleet, and 1 Vexor to opponent fleet. We grouped in Amygnon again but Edwin reported there were no change in Loes so we folded.

* Aeon was SRPed by me since he could not apply for EUNI SRP as a out-of-corp character :)

Kills and Losses

(06:53:19) Jufvitte
Vexor -22.2m
Augoror -22.54m
Vexor -44.9m
Vexor -33.01m

ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 122,651,704.88
ISK Delta: -122,651,704.88
Efficiency: 0%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    + Quick Response from people around. We gathered a decent sized fleet.
    + Everyone changed into modified mid slots.
    (Negative stuff)
    - Since everyone was in modified vexors, we could not accept the fight in Lowsec due to no scrams on Bifrost.
    - Logistics did not inform me that they were bleeding, if I knew that they were bleeding I could have disengaged the fleet much earlier.
    - I also should have all fleet members on my watchlist so I could see that whether we are bleeding out or not. My mistake.
    - Some Vexor pilots disabled their safeties fully without informing FC. CONCORD had a say about that.
    ? (What we have learnt)
    - Edwin learnt how to scout :)
    - Some learnt why they should not disable safeties in Hi-Sec
    - Ersin learnt that even though he specifically asked Yellow Safeties, he should have asked fleet not to switch it off completely just in case
    - Logistics learnt why they need to communicate with FC about their status
    - We all learnt the importance of the watchlist.
"In Blasters I Trust"