[AAR] NSC Retributions 12/09/2018

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Adrien Claremont



Post 2018.09.12 20:51

[AAR] NSC Retributions 12/09/2018


Roam members (12)
Adrien Claremont - Retribution
Ares Dodekatheon - Retribution, Ferox
Athena Firefly - Retribution, Ferox
B'aldrick Aivoras - Retribution
Deviney Jouhinen - Retribution
Ersin Oghuz - Deacon, Ferox
Erwin Madelung - Deacon, Ferox
Gringo Smoothie - Heron, Catalyst
Iskarr Jarak - Retribution
Philx Parmala - Punisher
Pink Kondur - Retribution, Ferox
Taqukaq Agayar - Sabre, Ferox

I was expecting a little more action locally if I'm honest, however we did secure some juicy kills. Mipholog had been camping home station in a bling Onyx, and when we've been into the VV- pocket recently Space Cossacks/Sons of Bane have formed. Not tonight though. Sad pony.

Kills and Losses

We roamed around, checked out the gate camps and found a Armageddon in 6E- quite early. Engage hype mode. We was not a dumb dumb though, and used safes to dscan gates. We had the system locked down so he just logged off. We moved on to try and bait a fight.

We kep the main fleet two jumps out from VV- and there are usually cloaky eyes in M2-. Vanguard went in and baited a response fleet. Once we dropped the hammer, we managed to catch the Stratios though all their kitey ships managed to get away due to being at range, or pulling range quickly once we spiked.

(18:56:14) VV-VCR
Heron -6.57m
Stratios +301.76m
Capsule +0.01m

We roamed around a little more and camped the Solitude entrance for a while, hoping that the guys in VV- would form something proper for an actual fun fight. They upshipped into T2 Cruisers but still didn't take the fight so we left them to it.

News hit us that there was some action again around PC9 so we headed back that way. There was a Loki hiding in PC9, we just missed an Astero kill, and we danced around with a pair of ONIs in JH- but just couldn't catch them (I got to 12kms off them twice!). Guys reshipped into Feroxes for some extra range when a Arazu warped into us at zero. With the help for some pocket blues, an ample number of bubbles were thrown around and the Arazu was decloaked. Straight away, the cyno went up and in jumps a Phoenix. Fleet aligned out and burn out of the bubbles while overheating guns. We took down the Arazu but traded a Ferox to the Pheonix. Fair trade in my eyes. Sorry Pink! :lol:

(20:00:13) PC9-AY
Arazu +286.96m
Ferox -88.89m
Capsule -18.98m

ISK Destroyed: 588,732,849.9
ISK Lost: 114,436,621.18
ISK Delta: 474,296,228.72
Efficiency: 83.726%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    • While we had some long periods of emptiness, there was some fun to had super close to campus.
    • People reshipped perfectly into Feroxes. This is exactly why we ask people to keep their NSC hangers stocked.
    (Negative stuff)
    • Mipholog and friends didn't want to play. Guess they are only interested in people hauling junk around the pocket.
    • While people did a good job forming Feroxes, we couldn't form bombers to have a try at the Pheonix.
Thanks for coming out tonight guys. I know PC9 is out of the way for a lot of folk, so it's appreciated when people do make the effort to join us for roams.

I intend to make Retributions a weekly event as much as possible. Next week we'll try to scan down a WH chain to Sov somewhere and see what we find.


Athena Firefly


Assistant Teaching Manager
Assistant Teaching Manager

Post 2018.09.12 21:07

Re: [AAR] NSC Retributions 12/09/2018

Fun roam with really fun ships!
Even though it was quiet it was never dull.

Great fleet and great leading, Adrien!
5/7 would roam again :lol:
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Ares Dodekatheon


Assistant Campus Manager
Assistant Campus Manager

Post 2018.09.12 21:37

Re: [AAR] NSC Retributions 12/09/2018

Thank you Adrien, that was a nice roam.

I need to double check my nanite stocks before undocking :(
"Thanks B'aldrick"


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