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[PVP FLEET] 19:00 Fed Navy Comets - Tough Life Edition

Roam members (9)
Alexander Oromov - Federation Navy Comet
Avrin Dennard
B'aldrick Aivoras - Federation Navy Comet
Darth Galifreia - Federation Navy Comet
Deviney Jouhinen - Malediction
Ged Sinak - Federation Navy Comet
Jorgeder Fiodor - Federation Navy Comet
Lazarus Larkin
Taqukaq Agayar - Hyena, Vexor

Kills and Losses

One of us arrived at the citadel and got alpha'd on the dock. Use instant dock bookmarks please, we have them set up in the E Uni bookmarks.

(19:23:36) Heydieles
Federation Navy Comet -31.19m
Capsule -109.16m

Second, we were trapped by a supercarrier Hel trap at some plex in Pynakastoh. The information of Hel came in too late. We lost many to that Hel, our Hyena was also platted which made it pretty difficult for him to get out as well.

(20:13:08) Pynekastoh
Federation Navy Comet -32.54m
Federation Navy Comet -28.94m
Malediction -49.02m
Hyena -39.93m

Later we encountered the russians on undock, glen called us in. We traded a vexor and a exequror vs a hecate. glen later got one of their thrashers.

(20:27:35) Heydieles
Vexor -32.91m
Hecate +56.41m
Capsule -0.01m

Right at the end, when we had a thorax ready to fight in a medium in kinakka, there was a harpy which we engaged on the gate, i was still in kinakka. when i came back to join the fight i jumped through and there were quite a few bad guys on grid now. they were in small ships but engaged regardless, they were tanking just fine on the gate. we were lacking communication a bit on that one, we scattered. gate guns didnt do anything to those guys... maybe the assault damage control is a bit too strong. #CCP

(20:47:03) Innia
Malediction -50.56m
Federation Navy Comet -30.62m
Federation Navy Comet -30.6m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant -0.01m
Federation Navy Comet -28.86m

ISK Destroyed: 56,412,810.09
ISK Lost: 464,374,587.67
ISK Delta: -407,961,777.58
Efficiency: 10.832%