[PVP Fleet] NoP Monday Roam!

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Ker'Tesh Tarir



Post 2018.09.04 04:30

[PVP Fleet] NoP Monday Roam!

[PVP Fleet] 01:00 9/4/2018 - NoP Monday Roam!

Fleet started out with roughly 13 in fleet, setup for Kestrels. Ran through the basics for flying in fleet, took questions and moved out. Tested mechanics in first 2 systems, attempting to get mechanics of fleet formation, firing, and movement down.

Got about an hour in of flying around, keeping the fleet moving, keeping them busy and came across a breacher which was engaged by our tackle, Ged, and we got the whole of the fleet on the KM. This was the first initial kill of the night. Great night of moving around, getting mechanics down, fleet warping together most of the knight, guys following commands given, to almost a perfect T.

Came across a fleet of T2 AF, backed by a Stork. Setup on the Kinaka gate, in Martoh and engaged the fleet as they came in, after playing a cat and mouse game through 4 systems with them. Unfortunately only was able to get their tackle, Raptor in the fleet engagement, and our special snowflake Scythe logi went down, along with several of our kestrels. By the end of the fight we had lost roughly half the fleet and decided to call it quits. Burned home and had a follow up convo about the fleet and peoples thoughts.

Roam members (19)
Abraham Schereau - Kestrel
Alexander Oromov - Federation Navy Comet
Ariel Khadina - Kestrel
Atticus Vex - Kestrel
Brerick Enderas - Kestrel
Conejita - Atron
Dilithium Tweaker - Kestrel
Durnik Risalo - Kestrel
Ged Sinak - Atron, Federation Navy Comet
Ker'Tesh Tarir - Kestrel
Metti ar Virksen - Kestrel
Neemo Beer - Kestrel
Penelore - Kestrel
Phetsz - Kestrel
Ron Blazer - Kestrel
Satoshi Tomeii - Kestrel
Space Warfare Development
Tassadar Gantrithor - Scythe
Tobor Glenlevit - Kestrel

Kills and Losses

First kill of the night. Was a great kill from the fleet, and great tackle by Ged in a novice complex!
(02:19:48) Akidagi
Breacher +26.75m

Alex got this second kill and did an amazing job slingshotting the Raptor right into his Scram and Web. Wonderful kill!
(03:38:01) Martoh
Raptor +69.82m

(03:41:26) Martoh
Kestrel -5.37m

(03:43:48) Martoh
Scythe -22.92m

(03:44:08) Martoh
Kestrel -8.94m

(03:44:14) Martoh
Kestrel -5.45m

(03:44:34) Martoh
Kestrel -10.38m

(03:44:42) Martoh
Kestrel -8.96m

Call outs!

Ged, Alex, and Space - My scouts and cloaky intel gatherer. They were key to success and their intel gathering and tackle capabilities made this fleet successful period! All guys coming was great, but we only had the content we did because of these guys! Deserve the props!

Report Wrap Up!

For a new bro fleet, NoP fleet, and having a few guys that had some new bro questions, the fleet responded REALLY well. Guys did as were told, never having to be told twice about anything, and they asked questions to get the answers they needed. All they need is more fleets, more experience, more training, and encouragement! Fleet was successful due to these factors, and we came out having fun and ended on a high note with a fight!

Kestrels are a hard doctrine to use, but need critical numbers in order to be as effective as other doctrines. With what we had they were enough, if only just barely. More fleets, more experience and they will have it down! Fun time, good content generation and great energy from the fleet as a whole!

Alexander Oromov



Post 2018.09.04 21:14

Re: [PVP Fleet] NoP Monday Roam!

That was a very positive style of FC-ing from Ker'Tesh Tarir and I did learn quite a bit on this one. I am glad I came for this US TZ fleet.

I also love Space Warfare's scouting, especially this time when he referred to the Exodus guys as clowns. :D

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