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[COMPLETE] PvP Basics: Basic Fleet Ops - 2018.07.19 @ 0130

When: Thursday, 19 July, 2018 @ 01:30 EVE Time
Where: HSC HQ system of Amygnon

Class Description
This class will cover the practical aspects of operating in a fleet environment. A brief "How To" on using your pod saver tab and operating the Directional Scanner will take place in the High Sec Campus system of Amygnon. We will go on a short roam after the practice session to introduce the basic mechanics of fleet operations, introduce LowSec/Faction Warfare space, and practice DScanning for targets.

It is recommended that you have previously completed the [CORE] Introduction to DScan and [CORE] Introduction to Fleets classes, as they will provide much of the theoretical knowledge that the practical aspects of this class will cover. If you haven't had a chance to attend the [CORE] classes yet, come out anyway! The format of this class is very open and relaxed with lots of time for questions and answers as we go along.

Further Information
Full details are posted in the main thread, including Mumble, required ships, etc.: ... 62#p874976 and ... 62#p874977

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