[AAR] BLAP Talwars 2018-07-12

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Ged Sinak



Post 2018.07.13 17:01

[AAR] BLAP Talwars 2018-07-12

Roam members (17)
Alexander Oromov
Ana'ander Lamora - Talwar
Bo Ondra - Talwar
Davin Arin - Talwar
Durnik Risalo - Talwar
Farzol Nassan
Ged Sinak - Talwar
Glen Burney
Hiram Abiv - Talwar
Metti ar Virksen
Micah McCain - Talwar
Neemo Beer - Talwar
Space Warfare Development
Xafen Katapi
Xivik Skord - Talwar

Kills and Losses

(01:32:42) MHC-R3
Capsule -0.01m

(02:45:39) B-9C24
Talwar -6.74m
Talwar -10.36m
Talwar -8.37m
Talwar -7.33m
Talwar -14.44m
Talwar -7.28m
Talwar -6.22m
Talwar -6.72m
Talwar -10.98m

(02:59:45) B-9C24
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 78,459,732.32
ISK Delta: -78,459,732.32
Efficiency: 0%

Earlier in the day before the fleet, I read something about Goonswarm anchoring a Keepstar in Cloud Ring. As a coincidence, my fleet was leaving just before the timers started. In the news article, it states that Horde was going to be moving a large fleet through Cloud RIng and to the Keepstar. I decided that we were going to be able to find content up in Cloud Ring as a small fleet. I was hoping for a possible fleet fight between another small gang that could have been doing the same as us.

At form up, I was disappointed with the number of Talwars that we had. I was hoping for around 20-30 but only ended up with around 12. I decided to stick with the doctrine since I wanted to see what it was like roaming null-sec. Due to the lack of alpha, I knew that our engagement profile was scrambled and any notion to gate camp would be foolish.

After undocking, we practiced an alpha strike and fleet warping before venturing into Null-Sec. I was happy with the results and how quickly many of the newbro's where able to pick up the concept. I wanted to practice aligning and fleet warps since, with Talwars, it is pivotal to be able to get on grid with the enemy as one group to enhance cohesion with the alpha strike.

On our travels into Cloud Ring, we were unable to find much to fight. Due to fighting in plexes being detrimental for Talwars, I chose not to engage anything inside them. Once in Cloud Ring, I was assisted by Glen to be able to find destinations with high amounts of NPC kills. Eventually, we stumbled upon a system with 100s of players inside and decided to make a run for it. Due to our small numbers and the action taking place in that section of space, it was a bad idea to stick around.

In the end, we found a Typhoon on a gate. While fighting the Typhoon, we were interrupted by a Hound shooting bombs and a Nightmare that came on grid. Even though we almost got through the Typhoon, the fleet was eliminated and told to scatter once the Nightmare started decimating our fleet. In the future, I need to more quickly react to the situation at hand and attempt to save the fleet before realizing that we won't be able to get out. In this situation, when the Nightmare warped on grid I should have told the fleet to scatter. I was not quick enough to realize that they were in a group together.

Since I died and most of the fleet was dead, I decided to end the fleet and self-destruct back to Amygnon. For the few people that did survive, Space Warfare scouted the way back home.

In the end, I enjoyed this fleet since it was my first time ever doing PVP in Null-Sec. To be honest, it was my first time seeing more than two people in space at once. This fleet helped open my eyes to the dangers/content of Null-Sec and the limitations of my current skills as an FC.

Overall evaluation
✔ (Positive stuff)
- I'm getting better at processing information and reacting to it in a reasonable amount of time.
- The practice with alpha strike and fleet warping was a good idea that helped assist the newbros.
✘ (Negative stuff)
- I need to get better at evaluating the situation at hand and reacting accordingly.
- I need more flow with me receiving of information and responding to it.
- I need to gain a better understanding of Null-Sec mechanics and survival in Null-Sec before taking more fleets out there.

If you did not fill out the feedback form please do so with this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... rm?c=0&w=1
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Alexander Oromov



Post 2018.07.14 20:26

Re: [AAR] BLAP Talwars 2018-07-12

Hey Ged,

This was one of the rare occasions I made a US TZ fleet. Unfortunately, at the end of fleet my connection broke down several times, so I couldn't rejoin comms. During this fleet, we did circle around a few juicy targets that should have been kills.

My advice regarding this and several of other fleets I joined recently: keep your scout and tackle closer to the main body (especially with only 15 people in the Talwar doctrine with no points and only one scout tackle). Not only will you catch stuff, but you will also make your own job easier, as in your AAR you mentioned information processing. The more compact you stand, the easier the information flow will be, since you don't have to worry about a bunch of systems, but only about your system and out-gate.

Hope this helps.


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